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Make Firefox my default browser

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Good old Firefox. Now if only the rest of the computer-using world would realize your superiority. 19 months ago




I don’t understand why every browser I have to0 use for my on line university sucks. ???? 2 years ago


i know how to make firefox as default browser .,but,my default browser is avant browser instead of firefox .its Very low memory usage, very easy to customize being able to block ads and pop-ups.
by the way ,i found that firefox 4.0 didnt release memory thoroughly when i use some time .it’s boring 2 years ago

CeciliaYears later...

I have since switched to Chrome, but the new Firefox upgrades still look pretty spiffy. 2 years ago


fire fox please 3 years ago


My computer keeps changing my browser from Firefox to Google Chrome…I go to ’ set program access and defaults and then go to custom and change it back to Firefox and then eventually, sometimes in just a few minutes my computer changes it back to Google Chrome again…what do I do ??? 3 years ago

gpabutler1request firefox as my browser

I would like to ask that firefox be my broser 3 years ago


im makeing firefox as my browser 3 years ago

joem104All I was trying to do was to make Firefox my default browser and I get this instead!

All I was trying to do was to make Firefox my default browser and I get this instead! But worst of all I just went ahead and signed up for an account not even knowing (I now know) what the site even was!! No wonder I never seem to get anything done on time! 3 years ago

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