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TajLV"I do not speak Spanish"

“I understand Spanish a little. I have no Pesos. Do you have two dollars? I don’t know where the Restaurant Bolivar is. Excuse me, Sir, do you know where the Hotel Columbus is? It’s over there. Good afternoon, Miss. Pleased to meet you. Where are you from? Are you Mexican?” Those are just a few of the simple phrases I can now say in flawless Spanish. Nowhere near fluency, but closer to my personal goal, and after two weeks the lessons are becoming a bit of fun. :) 14 months ago

TajLV¿Dónde está el baño?

First week, covered four lessons (but still need to review the 4th one before moving on). Getting into some useful stuff now. 14 months ago

TajLVun poco

No more procrastination on this. I ordered the Pimsleur “Quick & Simple” Spanish course – 4 CDs. It arrived last week and I did the first lesson today. Not too difficult, but still a bit of a brain stretcher, and the R’s are going to take some time. 14 months ago


I’m planning on going to Peru next summer and it would definitely be useful…so Olah! Let’s do this thing! 4 years ago

Todd SchoonoverHola

¿Cómo está? Mi nombre es Todd. ¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño? Llame la policía. No, gracias. Agua. ¿Habla inglés?

I know more but it’s not polite conversation. 5 years ago

redbanditaI'm having so much fun with this!

While painting, I overruled bf in choice of iPod material being played and we have gone over lessons 6 and 8, 9, 10 and 11. We learned how to introduce our family, count to 10 and say if we like our jobs, our hobbies and so on. Although bf isn’t half as enthusiastic as I am, he joins in after some pushing from my side. I’ll make him a speaker of Spanish, too! 5 years ago

redbanditaI have progressed to lesson 11.

As sad it is, I’ve given up on bf and me doing this together, as he shows no interest whenever I bring it up, even though he’s been commented positively on his pronounciation by Spnaish native speakers.
So I ventured on without him.
Unfortunately, I do not have the written material, so I can’t spell what I can say (feel free to correct my spelling!).
By now, I can say stuff like this:

Me llamo redbandita. Soy de Alemania, pero ahora vivo en Amsterdam en Holanda. Tengo una hermana, se llama Vanessa. Vanessa tiena un hijo, se llama Elias. Su marido se llama Nicolai.

Me gusto la musica, cantar, la literatura y aprender los idiomas.
Estoy aprendiendo español, hablo un poco de español.
Lo siento, no entiendo. Puedes repetir? 6 years ago

redbanditaWe repeated lesson one.

It seems to be a good moment to do this while cooking our dinner together. Good fun, and it really sinks in.
We also started on lesson 2, Buenos dias &tardes & noches, hasta luego & manhana (no spelling available, I know it’s wrong…) 6 years ago

redbanditaWe did lesson one over.

Bf and I were listening to the first episode of CBS together.
That was fun! I hope we can repeat it sometime this week and then move on to lesson two. I’d like him to catch up with me, as I am already on lesson 5. 6 years ago

redbanditaI have advanced to podcast no.4

The Coffeebreak Spanish podcasts simply ROCK!
The lessons are short and easy. I listen to them while cycling home and can say that I have learned the vocabulary with ease and confidence. Mark, the teacher and Cara, the student in the podcasts are so positive one cannot help but just join in and the revision chapter came just when I thought “I wish they’d do a revicion PC”.
So woohoo and to anybody else out there trying to start with Spanish: Download it for free on itunes and get started! 6 years ago

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