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Jennifer GiambraSummer

2011 2 years ago

SessygailDouthat State Park 8/11/08

Two years since we went camping, how can that be? Oh, well, it just means I can keep this goal on my list. Camping at Douthat State Park was great. We stayed at the Lakeside Campground, with the small lake shimmering in the afternoon sunlight just a few feet from our campsite. We had our usual Bratwurst cooked over the campfire, followed, predicatably and perfectly by s’mores. And the fire was great. And the sound of children’s voices, so excited by the new friends they were making, the fish they were catching, the salamandars they were discovering. The weather was perfect and the sky was amazing when we snuck out of our tent at 2 a.m. to watch the meteor shower. This was definitely a good camping trip. Maybe one day, we will actually go for 2 nights! 5 years ago

Scarolina1Went this weekend!!!!!

I went camping this weekend while my son was at his dad’s house. i didn’t want to sit home alone so I went camping…alone. It was wonderful and although it was my first time going it alone, I loved it. Will definetly do more often!!!! 6 years ago

pioneerspiritFinally, did this

Having my health again—not being in pain, having energy allowed me to take my kids camping three times this summer: to 2 Pow Wows and Peace Camp.

Yay! 6 years ago

leialeialeia9I haven't been on enough

And they’re too fun to miss out on. 6 years ago


it’s grand 6 years ago

SessygailRangeley Lake State Park 9/27/06

So far, this is our favorite place to camp. The trip to the park is a leaf-peepers dream, the weather was perfect and we got the best site (#21 for those of you who might want to camp there)! We are still pretty new to camping (it’s one of the things neither of us did before we met so it became one of the things that would be part of us together) so we have lots to learn. We have gotten really good at getting the tent set up but we need to work on our campfire cooking skills. We have agreed to stay for two nights next year (part of my mission to see a moose) and we may try to get in a night somewhere here in VA before it gets too cold this year. 7 years ago

slosydneyCamping...but not quite

Well, we went up to Coffs Harbour for the long weekend to go “camping.” Camping these days is unlike anything I experienced as a kid. I guess when you go camping with families with kids, nobody wants to “rough it”. (They broght a fridge and microwave for cryin’ out loud!” But I think roughing it is the best part about camping! Even though it was hardly camping, it was fun nonetheless. Beach cricket, swimming, tennis (I can’t believe there was a tennis court at the campsite), BBQs, beer and sunshine. Next camping trip I’ll plan to go backpacking for a more authentic experience. 7 years ago

funniculeeOnly until May.

There is not much available in the way of campsites until then, so I think this goal can slumber until it’s time to go camping again. 8 years ago


resetting priorities, will come back to this in the future 8 years ago

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