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cmc1997Took a cruise to the Bahamas this weekend

It was a lot of fun and an interesting experience. 3 years ago


I just booked my tickets to the UK, here I came. 4 years ago

AltoneceMaybe for the honeymoon?

I had not even thought of a honeymoon. I am so busy trying to stay in budget for the wedding that the honeymoon never even crossed my mind. Maybe we can go abroad for the honeymoon. That would be nice. Spain or France or Dominican Republic or Antigua or …we’ll see. I have to get my passport first.

I know, yes, it is still on the list. I am working on it. Really. 4 years ago

cmc1997I will accomplish this in May...

I am visiting the Bahamas with friends in May. 4 years ago

BblouderSept 2010

So many vacations have not happened. The one in July going to Thailand, then the one that I planned for March to Brazil will not happen. I have one other thing planned in September, going to UK… I hope/ so HOPE that it doesn’t fall apart… I want to go. 4 years ago

RubyTooGermany 2011?

Thinking on this as a distant goal. Kerstin and Jon will be there then. 4 years ago

amiascoundrelIt's time

I can’t wait any longer. I’m crossing the pond in 20-10. 4 years ago

lovewillconcur77Never left the US

I’m ready to see other places. Historical places. Places I’ve only seen in books or magazines or on tv. I’d like to go with my boyfriend, but we’ll see! 4 years ago

kellooyaJust out of reach

It seems so ironic that I haven’t traveled outside of the US yet. I was an International Affairs major in college, I converted to a religion not native to this country, I have many international friends, I learned a new language, I worked for an International program and an International agency, but never have moved out of my home town or visited another country! I got a full scholarship to study abroad but couldn’t go because I needed to stay to care for my family. It seems money, time, and my busy every day life are stopping me—how can I get there4 years ago

BblouderNo Thailand

My friend lost her job, not sure if we will be going. 5 years ago

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