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learn to swim

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the most difficult goal ever :( 16 hours ago


I want to overcome my fear to swim 4 weeks ago


I went to the local gym to try out swimming by myself.

Good news: I am really confident in water. I panic far less than I used to before!

Bad news: I definitely need more practice. I am targeting to go once a week to the local gym before I go back to my gym next month. 2 months ago

SonyCrash Course in Progress

I have been on the Crash Course the last couple of evenings. I still fear that I will drown (like that is possible in like 1.5m of water!).

I enjoy floating in the water, but hate it when it gets into my nose/ears/eyes… ewww

I have 2 more classes to go. I am hoping I will have got rid of my fear of drowning at least by that point. 2 months ago

SonyBooked and Ready

So I booked for my Swimming Crash Course at my gym next week. Looking forward to it! 2 months ago

SonyVirgin Active Swimming Crash Course

I added this goal just yesterday and today coincidently at my gym they are offering adult swimming crash courses for beginners this month.

The Universe is sending me a message ;-) 3 months ago

SonyWhat? Why? How? When?

What the goal means to me?

I want to be able to swim at least at 2m depth for 10mins.

3 reasons why I want to do this…

1. I am missing out on some things in life like enjoying the beach, scuba diving etc because I cannot swim.
2. Swimming is a good exercise.
3. I want to conquer my fear of drowning

How do I plan to progress with this goal?

I am planning to attend swimming lessons at my gym or the local leisure centre.

When do I see myself taking this off my goal list?

Once I am able to swim by myself with no/minimal supervision.
I am estimating that I will be able to do this after 20hrs of swimming practise sessions. 3 months ago

lyrnsyncLet's swim

I work at The Y this winter and the pool is open till night so I take this opportunity to learn swimming. Thanks Doug for being our coach. TQTQTQ3 months ago

Michael LukeUntitled

I have tried this but i have a long way to go still. 3 months ago

girlwitglassesLearned early

I learned how to swim at a young age so I’ve been swimming ever since. 6 months ago

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