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sarahtopsi'm 28 and still live with my parents!

i finished studying 2 years ago and have been working full time since
i bought a block of land and construction will start soon on my house
it should be finished before the end of the year
i cant wait to tick this off! 1 week ago


at the same time i dont wanna live above my means
it’s like i see both sides of it now
i don’t think its the only way for me to be young-
i don’t like the feeling of wasting away my youth and twenties at home .. but i want it to be an honest expereience and i also don’t want to feel the pressure to avoid the life i’m happily living because i gotta pay rent, eat etc. well i guess that pressure exists at home too..
potentially even more so. I/’m scared because right now I’m basically just getting by …
It would be more hoenst to move out.. but if i cant be real at home thats not fair either.
I’m wanting to be protective of the life I’m coming to be happy with, andas bad as I want to move out I don’t wanna be swayed if it means giving up thee work i;ve done already 2 weeks ago


is not really healthy for me Not to move out because im punishing myself for not having a higher paying job etc

sometimes you gotta just say what the hell and let the universe catch you

jsut a matter of seeing how i can balance that and getting a new car… 3 weeks ago


As I start my new job soon, hopefully I should be able to afford to move out soon. I’m currently living with my Grandparents, who brought me up from being a toddler. I love them very much, but I miss having the independence of being self reliant. Above all I miss having PRIVACY. For some reason they don’t seem to realise that I should be allowed my own space that is just mine, and they often come into my room without knocking or checking that it’s okay.

I’m 23 years old, I’ve lived alone for 3 years, and it’s really starting to become a drag after being back home for a year and a half. I need to get away.

I keep looking at nice houses that are affordable, and I’ve seen some really pleasant ones. I think I need to hold out for maybe another month, but in the meantime that allows me to start accruing the things I will need, such as a kettle and toaster etc.

I’m so excited to get back my independence and feel like an adult again. 3 months ago

Mina LilyDid it before..and I can do it again

Yes, unfortunately , I had to move back in with my parents.
Ugh , there are some benefits but the negatives over-power any happiness here.

The attitude, commutation, and whole lot of everything has changed between them and me.

One: being their dislike of my boyfriend for the wrong reason’s.
*Two: they believe someone my age (22) should be out of the house already. And seemed to have to have forgotten I’ve moved out for a few times with the longest being a year and a half.

- I tried to enjoy life as much as I could and now the stress, pressure, and constant nagging is to much .. It’s time to go and find another home. 4 months ago

Destroy_Her_DreamsOh ye of little patience

Just fucking do it. Nah, I’m just kidding, kind of. Plan and research, get a stead stable income; GTFO. INDEPENDENCE FTW. 4 months ago


I love my family, but life at home is hard now we’re all teenagers – I feel suffocated. It’s about 9 months til I go to University, where I will be moving to a different city depending on where I get in. Hopefully things will be better when I have my space and freedom. 5 months ago

mashkoThe urge.

Lately I’ve been feeling the strong urge to have my own place. I’m fully aware that’s not going to happen soon. But I have some nervous feeling about it in my stomach.

Our lives would improve so much if we had our own home, where we have freedom and place for all our things.
So much!

And if the home was in the countryside… Huh! (ok, this is too much to hope for.)

However, and unfortunately – this is not even close to coming true in the near future. 6 months ago

iamevoxusif i

got the marketing/sales job, or any decent job that pays wellish, once i was settled with it, i would plan to move out then.

even if i have to live in a room in shared accomdation. so be it. i need to move out. 7 months ago

waterlemonThe Ins and Outs

I do not remember the last time I logged in 43things and looking at my list made me realize I actually closed a lot of them which is pretty cool. On another light, a lot of these I have no interest on persuing for different reasons. Mostly because they’re now irrelevant having more pressing things to tackle in these few years that have passed.

On moving out, I was able to do this two years ago and I actually still live in the same apartment I first moved into. The place is a two-storey apartment, huge space resembling an actual house. More than half of the first year was a struggle because coming from unemployment I didn’t have enough money to pay for my part of the lease so I had to loan from a friend. Having to settle the rent, monthly expenses, and paying back the loan left me very little for personal expenses, sometimes none at all. There were times where I really had no money for lunch I had to go home to eat. Sometimes, I walked home because I didn’t even had enough change.

I was broke but I had no intention of going back to my parents. I wasn’t having the time of my life but I still had lots to be thankful for. Bills, even if they consume most of my income, validated my independence. I had food in my fridge, a bed to sleep on (with nice fluffy pillows), I had clothes that make me feel good and I was healthy. It worked out a little bit after. I was even able to get out of my credit card debt and finished off the loan from my friend.

I guess that just represents me crawling out of my comfort zone.

Now the bad parts. Well, let me just call them challenges. I’m a girl and I live with guys. So number one issue is mess. Mess in the kitchen and mess in bathroom. That is gross and just drained me a lot of times. I come home and go straight to my room. These are people I’ve known for a long time and I have lots of fun with them. But when you actually live with them, it’s a different story. It’s like knowing different dimensions of their personality. You’ll hate each others guts and them laugh about it after a few days.

Another thing that can go terribly wrong is if you have psycho boyfriends. I was in a terrible relationship and this guy just went crazy on me and my housemates which I knew he wouldn’t dare do if he was at my parent’s house. What’s good about it is you come home to a place with friends who will talk to you and comfort you with their presence.

It’s a roller coaster. Lot’s of ups and downs. Definitely, we want more ups than downs and I feel that I’ve had more of that. In addition, I learned a lot about myself. What breaks me, the strengths I now recognize but I have yet to exploit.

But the big question is it, worth it? Oh hell yes! 7 months ago

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