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Learn to do my own acrylic nails

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helen6969i really want to do this

i really want to leaarn how to do this as i have mine done all the time n it would save me a lot of money ,pls can u let me know how i can get into it

xxxxx 3 years ago


i im new to dis and i whant to learn 3 years ago

lipi46Very Interested

i’m really interested in doing this as a carreer because when i get bord or as you can say in my spare time i would either do my nails or do my little sisters and my sister inlaws nails i enjoy doing it and i loook at it as my very own little hobby. 4 years ago


I would love to do nail I tested it out on my cousin but they were not pretty so. I need help, about the supply and how to do pink and whites. 5 years ago


I started beauty college to find they didn’t do nail extensions.. so i taught myself to do them..from information from my therapist friend and videos on the internet..

The only thing i have a problem with now is applying acrylic neatly with no bumps.
sometimes i can do it sometimes i can’t, but there still good enough for people to pay for as alot of people have asked for them.
You can uy glitterd and coloured acrylics but i use barry m eyeshadows there about 5pounds each and it’s like loose dust the colours are amazing when u use it like acrylic powder it works!!
I’m loving black tips at the moment!! 5 years ago

elle9573nails nails nails!

hey! iv always wanted 2 do my own nail art, acrylic nails and eventually air brushing, but iv never dun it before and i dont really know where tostart… iv orderded sum of the basic stuff but need techniques etc and only got whats online… any tips 5 years ago

sogberryhow do i start

im really good at nail art…but i dont know how to do acrylics yet. 5 years ago

amypamy18i would like to know

how do you do acrylic nails and what things do i need to buy 6 years ago

nikigirlpractice makes beautiful

bought the products but was sceptical and cheap
first try came out so-so but with practice,
ppl now think they are my real nails WOW7 years ago


i bought the stuff cause i wanted to start by doing my own infills but it went shit… noway near as good as the way the nial chick does the, i ended up like biting my $70 set of acrylics off last night soo sad 7 years ago

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