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be at peace

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saralipssbe at peace..

I just want to be at peace. so simple, 11 months ago

lanachoIm a pisces and that says it all

I am such an intuitive and sensitive person who knows how to give people their space but is a worry-bomb inside. I want to find a way to be carefree and not to worry about things which others do not worry about…Any suggestions? 3 years ago

lifeisgood61I'm getting in my own way

I’ve got to settle something. When I make this ONE decision I’ll be able to sleep better. I can get on with my happy life. 3 years ago

msjulzLearning to breathe

At the last counselor appointment, I learned how to breathe deeply and more calmly. You clear your mind and concentrate on the air going in and out of your heart. Make sure you take deep breaths and your chest rises up and goes down. 3 years ago


you don’t have to be rich to have peace of mind. 4 years ago


I’m tired of my life being crazy. I don’t want to let the stress get to me. I want to have peace in my life and just be calm. 5 years ago


many doctors are recommending meditation as medicine. It can cure many issues and can increase intelligence. I’m sorta a meditation activist. There’s really no down side. 5 years ago

sweetbananaflaketrying to...

Far too many things have been getting to me as late and the stress has been piling up. I know I need to just breath and remember that this too shall pass it’s just the getting there, the remembering to breath to be peaceful inside my tumultuous thoughts takes so much more work than I had anticipated. 5 years ago

David BaldiI wonder...

When do I know I’ve accomplished this? 5 years ago


the shortcut to peace is faith 5 years ago

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