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3 Daily life running smoothly! Things are a bit cluttered, chaotic and overwhelming right now. It’s hard to think about or plan the future when your always in “catch up” mode! We need routines. We need cleaning schedules. We need a functioning calander. We need good habits incorporated. I know everyone keeps recommending flylady and I did look into it but I can’t seem to make things stick. Maybe I’m being too perfectionistic about it and I definitely didn’t start with the simple approach! So maybe if I break it down and do it one thing at a time as the site suggest there can finally be a bit more order around here!
4 Money. There’s at least two other things I would rather be in this spot but I have to stop pushing the financial aspect of life aside. We have goals, needs and futures to think about. Like a house, college funds and retirements! I have no clue about anything but savings accounts and we can’t seem to keep our savings account numbers up. So I guess the goal is to learn as much as possible and implement a plan for 2012 instead of just winging it!

So #1. Faith, spirituality and God. We have been going to church. I’m looking for time to devote to studying the bible. I want to practice being more thankful instead of rushing through life.
#2. Kids. I honestly feel like the more quality time wont come until our homelife is running smoother!
#3. Homelife. Start applying Flylady goals and stop being lazy about the little chores! I know they accumulate so I need to start doing them when the need arrises!
#4. Money. Think I am going to start with a debt pay-off plan and some budgeting. Thankfully (knock on wood) our debt is under $1000.00 now. Actually, I think it’s under $500.00 and consist of mostly medical bills. Personal loans though are almost $5,000.00 from all the way back when we started our family unexpectidly. Thank God for my family helping out but I hate “owing” people! 3 years ago


1. I feel like I should put God/spirituality first. To be honest, even though I “talk to God” I’m not sure I’ve ever made my spirituality a priority. Worse, I don’t have a desire too. Yes I am lacking faith but not really. Confusing, yes. I believe in the existence but not that he is playing a role in my life enough to warrant devotion. Wow that sounds bad but it’s what honestly came out. I guess I am lacking faith. Right now I don’t know how to make this happen. I keep saying I’m going to go back to church or start reading the bible again when things slow down or I have more time for it but that never seems to happen. Maybe I can start with adding church back into our lives.

2. My kids. My three amazing (allbeit annoying) children. 7,4 and 2 they still require A LOT from me! I’m not always proud of myself as a parent but there are moments I realize “wow we are doing a good job”. Right now if I had to pinpoint a fear I have with each kid it would be…
For the oldest daughter- A disconnection. She is involved in everything under the sun so we rarely have her at home with us for quality time. In fact, a lot of the times it feels like we are spectators in her life. When we are home it’s amazing quantities of homework for a 1st grader, practicing for whatever is coming up the next day and keeping a decent bedtime routine. I’m afraid our bond will be gone and the only thing she will really remember about her mother is me repeating “focus” a thousand times. She is very easily distracted (like her mother!).
For my middle son…
Feeling second best. Stuck in the middle. Middle child syndrom as cliche as it is! Right now he isn’t old enough to be involved in things like his older sister. He did do tball over the summer though and I remember us having to split. Me, him and the baby going to his practices and games while the older daughter and their dad went to her practicies and games. We would switch off of course but I recall thinking ” I wonder if he is ever going to question why we weren’t all there at one time.” I mean we made a big deal about everyone being there for older daughters events/games/etc and now there is no emphasis on him alone like there was with her. I know it’s circumstance and having a big family but I just don’t want him to feel lost between the two. I need to find something he can do that makes him feel really important that everyone can encourage him in.
The baby daughter. The queen. The diva. The princess in potty training. The evil tantrumer from h*ll. I was so proud that my older two NEVER tantrumed. I bragged. I boasted. Then I had my third and got a rude, rude, very rude wake up call. Okay so she isn’t that bad. She does throw herself down with a shriek that can rattle graves but then she sorta just lays there covering her eyes silently moping. As far as tantrums go, it could be a lot worse but I’m too busy being appalled at the fact she has the audacity to tantrum to realize it could be worse. Yes I am joking. I realize she is a toddler and this is what they do but up to this point I had bragging points! Now I’ve experienced everything in parenting. Or at least I hope so! No more surprises for this age range please!!! My fear with her is that we are going to be too lenient because she is the baby and she does have that “I’m the princess” thing down pact. I don’t want her to develope an entitled brat attitude!!! So I guess my goal with her is sticking to discipline. No off the hooks because she is the youngest and I’m at my wits end for keeping a kid in time out. Also got to intervene on her “mine, mine, mine” attitude. The older two were never like that and they give her everything she claims as hers even if they were playing with it because they are damn good kids. I need to get them to stop doing that though. Lil miss princess can’t have her way everytime.

So connection, spotlighting and discipline. If all else fails more hugs, kisses and I love you’s!

I’ll figure out the rest of the priorities later. =) 3 years ago


I’m getting there! 6 years ago

ohmjayoh what to do.

It seems that everyday, my life is a list of obligations and appointments and things that I just have to do. Every time the due dates for everything become closer, I get even more and more stressed out. For me although it can be done, I am unable to say what is more important than another. I am sad to say that school has taken a back seat almost to my other obligations although it should always be my first priority. I need to balance my life so I won’t be nearly as stressed out as I am these days. It feels as though I’ve burnt a candle at both ends and I can’t even enjoy my weekends because that is just when I crash every week. I guess i need to stop living life just looking forward to the weekend and life for the day. 6 years ago

Italygirlno progress...

Ha, I was just thinking about this today… It seems I’ve lost track of the things I yearned to do. And most of them were big dreams I may have never reached…

But the boyfriend is certainly consuming much of my time. We rarely do anything of substance… except star gazing… but I’m so different than him… I’m more of an intellect. He’s just a boy. I wonder is there hope for us? 7 years ago


With school and the new boyfriend, I’m getting off track. Well its mostly because of the new boyfriend…. I need to find a job, get more sleep, have more me time, study more and better, spend time with my nephews and my friends and just have my own life!

I’m just not sure how to balance it all in the right way. Well, I’m really mostly not sure how to keep my mind focused on what’s important… 7 years ago

digcleopatraI've got the knowledge, now where are the actions to back it up?

I’m almost there. I know exactly what I need to do with my life (specifics on the future are still vague, but that’s not what this goal is about). I know what to do in order to spend my time wisely. I understand ethics and values that are important to keep in mind. I prioritize my goals.

My last step is to take all of this information so uselessly mulling around in my head, and put it into action. I’m going to give myself a little challenge, just to associate behavior with all of these potentially useful thoughts regarding prioritizing.

For one week, I will do all of the following things: stay in every class from start to finish, do not let my fleeting emotions get the best of me, remember my coping skills when I’m feeling anxious (rather than letting school, relationships and sanity fly out the window), limit myself to 3 or 4 goals to work on actively, limit computer and TV time to a bare mininum, complete all of my homework on time, create an organized To Do list every day. 8 years ago

digcleopatraMore on prioritizing my time

Allow me to spell out some boring yet useful information, for my own good…

School: Going to all of my classes takes priority against indulging in my anxiety. Homework takes priority over everything as soon as I come home. Time should be put aside for projects and other long-term assignments, so that I don’t have to finish them the night before.

Free time: The last two online math quizzes have to be finished over the next two days. After that, studying for the final exam takes priority over my recreational activities. Exercising a few times a week is imperative. After that, reading, watching films and journaling are the highest priorities when it comes to how to spend my free time.

Next, I will work on how to prioritize my goals and values in life. 8 years ago

digcleopatraAlright, let's start small.

Otherwise, I might not start at all!

I always spend my free time doing things that could wait weeks. On the other hand, the deadline for my computer course final exam is coming up, and I do not study as much as I need to.

When it comes to free time, studying my computer course is the highest priority. 8 years ago


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