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Naomi MackeyIt's official

We are signed up…it’s bought and paid for I am in!

It’s going down….

I’m scared shitless! lol 2 months ago

Naomi Mackey10 months 18 days...

“I hear that train a comin…”

I have selected The Folsom Blues Half Marathon as my first Half… this is most definitely related to Johnny Cash and it is SO up my alley!

I have already mapped out my list of walks and runs…I just have to trim it down some. Man these things can get costly. I’ve made the choice to give up my starbucks reload $$ for a “run fund” jar. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a run… REPHRASE IVE NEVER BEEN EXCITED ABOUT A RUN! lol

I cant wait! 3 months ago

bermudamohawkI did it!

and despite the fact that I could barely move after the race, I’d do it again! Mentally, I have no idea how I did it… the first time I looked at my watch I’d gone less than 10 minutes. Thinking to myself “OK, only three hours to go” should be unnerving, but it wasn’t. Thank God for moving my legs all the way to the finish line :) It was an incredible route, complete with breathtaking views and lots of support from spectators and volunteers. It really provided so many new experiences.

Hopefully my next 5k will now seem like a cakewalk ;) 18 months ago


or NOT.

I’ve taken tiny steps to get ready for this race, but I’m far from prepared. Now that the race is TOMORROW, I’m starting to feel a bit bummed about that. (Procrastination at its finest, sigh.) I really just want to be able to cross the finish line in one piece. I want to have some fun!

This morning I’m heading down to pick up my bib and check out the vendors at the race expo. Hopefully that will help take away some of my anxiety and replace it with excitement. I’ll likely spend the rest of the day relaxing as much as possible, while watching football and putting the finishing touches on my race day playlist.

So I’m not ready, but I’m ready anyway! 18 months ago

bermudamohawksome talk, some action

25 days to go. Feeling a bit more excited today. Ready for 5pm to roll around so I can go for an evening training walk. This weather is definitely conducive to training – cool fall temps make me want to get outside as much as possible :)

I just made a “crunch time” training schedule which includes eight Jazzercise classes and 12 walks of varying lengths (the longest of which is 10 miles). I think it’s realistic… fingers crossed!

I ordered a new iPod armband! Super cheap and great reviews! I guess that’s the beauty of having an “outdated” iPod… I’ve had my nano for less than three years, and it’s now two generations old. Oh, technology :P Anyway, it should arrive next week so I’ll have plenty of time to try it out before race day. Now, to get started on that playlist…

I requested a quote from a local screen printing company. I’m going to check out a local running store, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Old Navy to find a good tech shirt. 19 months ago

bermudamohawkgetting started. again.

I guess it was time to stop procrastinating. I went to Jazzercise on Friday to kick off my race prep. I planned to go again today but I decided I’d put off walking for long enough and hit the pavement. Actually, I sat around on the couch for half an hour trying to come up with a reason to not walk, and eventually dragged myself outside. Once I got out there, though, and breathed in the crisp fall air, I was ready to move. I know 30 minutes is nothing compared to the 3+ hours it will take me to complete the half, but it’s a start. I also plugged my iPod in and I’m relieved to see that it appears to be functioning. 19 months ago


Thanks, Facebook, for reminding me that the half marathon is only 30 days away.

So apparently it’s been 22 days since I last posted. What have I done to train/prepare? Um, zero walks (unless you count walking four miles to and from a tailgate). I’ve been to Jazzercise twice. I found out that work is willing to sponsor me, but I haven’t taken any steps to have a shirt made. I decided against taking any time off, but instead I’ll be braving the post-work crowd on Friday for packet pick up.

And that’s it.

This isn’t going to be pretty. 19 months ago

bermudamohawkcrunch time

52 days.

I’ve rested up for the past six days. I’m slightly less cranky and much less achy ;) It’s time to continue preparing for the inevitable 13.1 miles that loom ahead.

Things to do between now and race day:

  • jazzercise at least 2x/week to keep building up endurance
  • short walks at least 3x/week to keep muscles moving
  • long walks once a week (focusing on time and not worrying too much about distance)
  • create a brand new, super exciting playlist
  • make sure my iPod’s still functioning properly after getting sweat-soaked last weekend (gross)
  • find a more comfortable arm band for my iPod and keys
  • find out if work wants to “sponsor” me and, if so, get a tech shirt made
  • plan my pre-race diet for the two days prior and the morning of the race
  • take off the day before the race for packet pick up and resting up

If I can walk 10 miles at a respectable pace then I know I can walk 13.1 miles. It’s not going to be easy, though, so I must start preparing NOW. 20 months ago

bermudamohawkten miles... complete!

Well, I survived this morning’s 10-mile race. I came in about 2 1/2 minutes slower this year… so I didn’t beat last year’s time as I’d hoped. I’m also in quite a bit more pain this year; I’ve been limping since I crossed the finish line because of a very sore hip. But it’s not all bad. After all, I DID finish with a respectable time. So respectable, in fact, that I came in second in my division (female walkers 25-29, haha).

I thought this race would energize me for the half marathon, but I’m not looking forward to it at all. I guess that means I just need to train harder. After my hip feels better :) 20 months ago


completed my first real training walk. Mapped out two miles and hit the pavement to see how fast I could complete it. 26:56!!! (4.45 mph) That’s a full minute faster than my goal. My lungs weren’t too happy with me, but with a pace like that I’m feeling a bit more confident about the 10 miler.

I know that I’m great at planning but not so great at executing. So, for whatever it’s worth, I plan/hope to complete two more training walks this week, and to complete four walks next week while I’m on my “business trip.” I’d love to make it to four miles by the end of next week, but any distance will do. 21 months ago

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