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sexysadie62Dates and Men

Well I went to brunch with this man who seemed really nice and then a week later I get this really crude text. I stewed on it overnight. This is where I makeover my Life and stand up for myself. He is a frog who needs just hop on out of my life. Bye-Bye. I told him in no uncertain terms to get lost! 2 years ago

sexysadie62Not sure what this is but I want to do it!

I have known for a while now that I need to completely overhaul my life. I know if I change one thing everything starts to change. I get a little scared when things start too change that I didn’t focus on. Sometimes I don’t really know where it’s going. So again an old friendship is changing and I want it to go back to the way it used to be. That’s crazy I know. Change can be better even if I’m not sure where it will end up. I need to concentrate on the positive things in my life that am working to change. Somehow I must find faith that as other things change it will be for everyone’s highest good. Even though it scary right now and doesn’t feel that way. 2 years ago


Tough times last two years…..seriously…is this my life? 3 years ago

AndreyaStarting It

This seems like a REALLY COOL goal!!

I just took a look at http://www.cherylrichardson.com someone recommended down below – Thanks! :)
I really like the forums there..

Also saw You Can Heal Your Life is now a movie – WOW!!
I really loved that book when it came out here in Slovenia, and it literally changed my life, lots – along with some other books.. I saw a bit of it on YouTube – WOW!!

The newspaper said I need to hang out with successful happy people lol… :) I guess this means other people changing their life for the better!! doing what I want to be doing… or getting there.. 3 years ago

bananacupcake09just signed up

let’S see where this takes me 3 years ago

carmalucestarting over

My husband said he still loves me but we no longer have anything in common and has moved out and asked me for a divorce. I am 55 still in love, confused, alone (no kids) and unemployed. I need a life makeover. 3 years ago

tvwGet a sacred space make over and professional space makeover

First re create a sacred space, then a professional space 3 years ago

firepoppyAnyone want to join me?

I have this book and have had it for ages. I’d like to work on it with someone. Would anyone like to join me? 4 years ago

Mom2foursonsLife Makeover Challenge

After 26 years with my husband, we are about to divorce. He moved his things out of our home and into his new apartment today. I have four sons (call me Capt Obvious!) two in college, one in the Air Force and one left at home (Jr in H.S) Everything I thought I knew in life has been turned upside-down. It’s time for a new life…a more improved version of ME. 4 years ago

hisspecial2009new life

it will be an amazing experience to be apart of this 5 years ago

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