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Leonard LinStorage Update

I have two Terastations (0.7TB @ RAID-5). My original RAID-5 file server got wiped out (two simultaneous drive failures).

Building a new storage system (0.8TB @ RAID-1) using external SATA drives w/ different drive brands from different stores (and accordingly, hopefully different production runs).

The biggest thing to take away from this is proper backups, which I’ll be trying to create a usable solution for. 8 years ago

Leonard LinPut off for a bit

by buying a cheap 200GB HD (<$90 if those rebates work) and a $40 USB2.0 enclosure.

This and going through and deleting should hold me for a couple months until 400/500GB drives become more available. 9 years ago

Leonard LinNew File Server

I considered trying to build a drive array or using a stand-alone NAS (NSLU2, so cute), but in the end, neither is really cost effective. 4+ drive enclosures are about 70% of getting a good case, and you still need interface hookups (either firewire or external SATA).

Current list:
  • $300 – SuperMicro SC742T-550 case, 7 hotswap SATA, 3-bays perfect for another 5 hotswap drives
  • mobo w/ 64-bit PCI-X
  • 6-drive RAID-5 set

Use Debian and software RAID. I’m currently using a MegaRAID controller, but w/ RAID 5, a decent system will be faster w/ CPU doing XORs, also Linux software RAID gives more flexibility w/ drives.

When running out of space, ad another 6-drive RAID-5 set, maybe a Marvell 8-port SATA card if need be, and use LVM9 years ago

Leonard LinMy 3/4TB server is full

Ridiculous, I know. Add in that my workstation and laptop drives are full as well and we have a problem. >1TB of space used in less than a year. What’s up with that?

New solution, specs coming soon. 9 years ago


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