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get my drivers licence

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sashsh88Yeah I did it!

I haven’t been on 43Things for years now and came across this goal I had in 2011 and realized I now achieved it:)

On 24th of november 2011 I managed to get my drivers licence!! But I didn’t get it before failing my driving exams 3 times! And crying the 3rd time at the driver school after I heard I didn’t pass again! I spent a great amount of money paying for my driving lessons and it was really hard being a student on a low budget. But looking back it was all worth it and I am really gratefull that I finally passed! :)

However I didn’t drive that much after passing my exam. Because the car I had broke and I didn’t have the money to buy another one. So since then I have been travelling by bus or ..my bike (which is something VERY common to do here in The Netherlands!)
As the years went by I now (in 2014) feel strongly about wanting a car! So that is going to be my next goal from now on:) 1 month ago


http://find-a-driving-school.ca/free-g1-practice-tests/ 4 months ago

1RLWatch it sweetheart, I'm driving here!

So driving lessons have been fun. Mostly no mistakes. No damages which is good but somewhat struggling with the obvious. 5 months ago


buhbuhbuyb 10 months ago

Erin BurkholderUntitled

Talked to my mom today; I’m gonna take my written exam this spring when I get home. Then we can get as much practice in as possible over the rest of the summer until I go back to uni. Then, the following summer I can practice some more and get my full licence in July or August of 2014. I’m so happy I’ll be getting this done while I’m in school! So much more convenient. 13 months ago


That should be my main priority, but I want to save up money for getting my CELTA qualification and travel a bit before getting my driver’s licence. Until then, I’m gonna sing as in the Janis Joplin’s song: “For somebody who don’t drive, I’ve been all around the world”. 14 months ago

ShathimwStep 1 completed

I have passed my theory test, which is the first of 3 steps towards getting a driving licence. I’ve been practising for the yard test, and am looking forward to giving the test another go. Last year when I tried it, I was beaten by my nerves, but I hope to overcome. 18 months ago


I’m really scared of driving. I’m 22 and have never been behind a wheel :( in my industry it’s quite important to learn to drive. 18 months ago


Yeah, not there yet. However I have been asking around for help in learning to drive. Once I feel I’m ready there I’ll book my two compulsory lesson and after that its licensing time. Hopefully within this year! 22 months ago


I’m busy saving up for the driving school lessons. It costs about R2000.00 for four lessons so it might take a few months. 2 years ago

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