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I want to help people secretly. 18 months ago

gm22by the way

if anyone reads this i just want yous to know i a not doing this for attention or anything else i just want to get al my feelings out and if u have a problem with that you can FUCK right off <3 21 months ago


ودي اساعد بعض الناس واكون خيرمعين لهم 2 years ago

heaveemetalMy girlfriend needed help...

Her house was too expensive, she had not downsized from her move out of a failed marriage, she needed relief.
She came across a perfect apartment and we talked to them.
There was a plan made.
Decisions about what to take and what to jettison were made.
A truck was rented for 24 hours to move the big things.
Things were donated.
Other things were trashed.
A 30 cubic yard dumpster was filled to the top.
Pets were moved into the new place and acclimated.
An entire week was spent doing all the things that needed to be done.
Trying to get tomorrow to help finish.
Her new place has lots of potential.
Her last place was a money pit.
Crowded, energy inefficient and drafty as hell.
The power bill in the winter was close to $500.00.
And it wasn’t even warm.
Looking forward to a easier set of bills to handle for her.
I didn’t mind helping for a week at all.
I would hope that there is a lot of goodwill left in this world.
Helping hands instead of the “I’m busy” response we’ve all heard before… 2 years ago

KnowGreenNoWasteEarth Day is just around the corner!

Hey guys! Thought I’d kick it up a notch for Earth day this year and help promote a few key ideas:

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce you to Shaklee. An amazing line of natural, non-toxic (and completely healthy for us and the planet) products. I just tossed (safely and properly) all my old household cleaners a couple weeks ago in faith of promised outcomes. I can’t believe how well they work. For any of you who have you used “greener” products, you have to admit they don’t carry a lot of punch. This one is different. You can check it out all over youtube.com or www.FreedomVI.myshaklee.com

Second, I have to tell everyone to go to www.post-it.ca/plantitforward. Right now you can dedicate up to 5 trees to people you know, and then they get to do the same and so on. They have set out to plant a max of 10,000 trees this year but only if you dedicate one! So far they are just over 500 trees dedicated for planting.

Finally, keep updated on ‘green’ topics by checking out my blog at www.kgnw.blogspot.com. This month is recycling!

Remember kids: Know Green, No Waste =) 3 years ago

BOTCRCNeed To Help Out

I hate feeling helpless. When my brother gets hurt and all I do is stand there without thinking, blacking out, when my mom curses because she’s broken a bone and I don’t know what to do other than stand there, calling for help. I don’t help at all, and I need to change that.

I know that just turning lights off when I’m not using them helps. I know that turning the water in the sink off when I’m not running my toothbrush under it helps. I know that making my bed like I’m supposed to helps my mom by saving her time that she doesn’t need to waste. 3 years ago

mindhealerI helped at help.com

I did many times. 3 years ago


hello every body i’am a new member here so i want of someone to help me by telling me how can i help poor people in my country 3 years ago

13issuesWhy help?

Because I want to. Because it will make me feel needed, justified, righteous, warm. Because someone needs it.

does the reason really matter if the outcome is positive? 3 years ago


am i the only one who is pulling my hair?? at the top of my head i am bald i need hair extensions but they look disgusting anyone please help me solve my problem ? hair extensions permanently from the top? i asked every saloon in my country they were shoc 3 years ago

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