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el mnew thing...

i have been engaging in one-liners while passing by fun people at work… 2 years ago

el m3 mini goals - check-in

1) complete my sentences when speaking – i’m now noticing when i don’t complete a sentence [but not too good at actually completing said sentences]. but noticing while it’s happening is progress!
2) be a blurter – making improvements on this!
3) express unpleasant feelings – recently, i have communicated stress to my boss, i have spoken up to my ex- when things come up, i’ve shared with colleague and mother about sadness feelings but other than that i haven’t had chance to practice this much. 2 years ago

el mmini goal

-complete all sentences

i often start a thought and drift off or allow someone to interrupt me.
will work on completing all of my sentences :) 2 years ago

el mtoo much thinking?

one of my main barriers to being more expressive is that my words do not just flow. i think and rethink what i will say before i say it. this is one of the reasons i choose alcohol. it makes me feel normal. not super controlled, just natural.

i’d like to be more of a blurter – speak without censoring myself. i wonder how i do this without the help of ethanol. hmm. 2 years ago

el mUntitled

i definitely am more expressive at work and with friends/family. i engage in small-talk more than ever.

here is the big challenge – i would like to be able to express negative feelings that i have in a healthy way. i tend to not express these, but quietly seethe. and sometimes, eventually explode! o-:

this is not good for my relationships or my health. i’ll work on this when the opportunity presents itself. 2 years ago

el mopportunity

thursday i have a job interview – a perfect opportunity to be expressive. all eyes [and ears] will be on me… 2 years ago

J_SmithThat is why I signed up for 43 Things.

Maybe I will start a blog, even. It is easier for me to express myself through writing because I don’t have to worry about what someone will say, just what they will write. lol 5 years ago

emiredOn reflection.....

I’ve decided that I am good at expressing myself so I don’t think I need this as one of my goals. 6 years ago

Malcolm85Break out of my shell

I am shy, very shy, but i am also energetic, fun, crazy, exhilarating beyond heights. But no one knows this but me. 6 years ago

Theresaright person

when you find the right person that allows you to express yourself, it’s so much easier to be able to do…it comes more naturally 8 years ago

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