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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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51. Going to a new country for the first time and breathing in the new smells
52. Proper margaritas in salt-rimmed glasses
53. Lying down and looking at the stars, trying to spot meteorites
54. Making fancy healthy smoothies for breakfast
55. Zombies, run! So much more fun than normal running
56. Treating myself to a facial or pedicure
57. Making and eating apple sauce with raisins in it
58. Reading to children out loud
59. Memorising poetry and saying it to myself when I’m bored
60. Walking up hills and looking at the view
61. Having a good clear-out and getting rid of lots of stuff
62. Green leaves and cloudy skies in May
63. Driving!
64. Sunbathing on my bed
65. Singing on my own when there’s noone in the house
66. Singing with a choir
67. Ticking things off my to-do list
68. Car boot sales – selling and buying!
69. Chocolate
70. Doing laundry 13 hours ago

brickhorse30. A full dumpster

Because it is taking away a lot of stuff that I never want to see again. The 5th dumpster is almost full. After this weekend, it will be ready for pick-up by the vendor. 1 day ago

brickhorse29. An empty dumpster

Because it has all the potential of cleaning up my place. It is a blank canvas for junk and garbage. 1 day ago

Andrea409#61. New body wash

I enjoy taking pleasure in the teeny things in life. Things like trying a body wash for the first time. Add an exhilarating scent, and it feels downright decadent…all for $2.99.

Ah, life’s little luxuries. :) 1 week ago

justagurlAlready thought of some more

76. sunsets
77. Friendly people
78. writing- venting on paper (or computer) makes me feel better
79. Having a productive day
80. My mom’s cooking
81. My mom- No one knows me like she does, She is the one person that I can totally be myself around, be goofy or grumpy or happy or sad, crazy or boring- it doesn’t matter, I know for a fact-No doubt about it- that her love for me is unconditional. And she makes me LMAO with some of the silly things she says and does.
82. Quoting my favorite movies when i’m talking to people who actually catch it, Even better when they quote with me
83. Seeing the effects of exercising
84. Traveling
85. Music 2 weeks ago

justagurlShouldnt this list be finished by now ??Maybe I can do it by the end of this year :)

61. Festivals
62. Concerts
63. My new portable shower head- which allows me to be lazy and shower while sitting in the bathtub :)
64.My new puppy dog. He’s so cute and funny and sweet. awww :)
65. New York City- or any city- walking around the city being in the midst of the hustle and bustle just makes me feel energized
66. Vacations
67. Catching up with old friends and reminiscing about good times we’ve shared
68. Being understood. Having friends who “get” you
69. Singing (not professionally)
70. Having someone join me while I’m singing and creating a little duet.
71. Having fun and easy-going co-workers
72. Cool dreams- I already listed dreams on here but just hearing about other people’s dreams is also cool, especially if I was in the dream that they are telling me about.
73. Basking in the sunshine when winter ends, The first few sunny days when you can wear short sleeves and really appreciate the warmth because it’s been too long since you’ve felt it.
74. Learning new things- new words, new information, how to do things, how to build or make things
75. The fact that this portion of the list was so much easier than the last few I tried to do. It was really difficult for me to feel happy when I first began this list, Looking back at some of these entries from a few years ago made me realize just how depressed I was. Slowly but surely things have gotten so much better without me really even realizing it along the way. Hopefully that will continue. :) 2 weeks ago

Andrea409#60. Bare legs & bare feet - delighting in the ordinary

This must be one of the most pleasurable things a human can experience. The feeling of sun warming and brightening the skin, skin that has paled, dried, and been covered up under bulky fabrics all winter long. Finally, in spring, our skin is liberated once again. My soul craves the sunshine, and my body is merely an extension.

What could possibly be more delightful than walking across freshly cut grass, with that sweet smell, in bare feet and wriggling toes? I swear this is what life is all about. 2 weeks ago

Andrea409#54 - #59

54. Feeling fed, nourished, and energized

55. Waking up, refreshed and excited to start my day

56. Taking long strolls in the woods or park – it’s home.

57. Color!

58. Passionate, enthusiastic, kind souls

59. Paying down debt! 2 weeks ago

Andrea409#53. Murder, She Wrote

Let me be clear: I LOVE this show.

I used to watch this as a kid with my mom. She liked all the mystery shows, and I guess I picked that up from her. And I just plain love Angela Lansbury. The show is quirky, cute, and, nowadays, adorably cheesy. I watch it as often as I can.

I just love guessing who the villains are, although I’m not very good at it. I very rarely succeed. 3 weeks ago

brickhorse28. Good honest mechanic

My mechanic is honest, knows what he’s doing, and is inexpensive. His shop is 5 miles from my house. Not only does he make me happy, he helps me to feel safe and secure because I know that he’s going to do good by me. 3 weeks ago

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