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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)


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XCIV. Mastering new skills
XCV. Shows I’ve wanted to watch that become available on Netflix.
XCVI. The suspension of all prior plans during power outages.
XCVII. Finding forgotten trinkets while cleaning and organizing.
XCVIII. Hearing good news.
XCIX. Monologues from my favourite comedians.
C. Supermoons 4 months ago

justagurlWant to finish this goal before the site ends :/

86. Watching the squirrels and bunny rabbits that hang out in our backyard
87. Watching my favorite TV shows
88. Finally getting the house clean
89. Cleaning a room and finding things that I’ve lost and sometimes things that I don’t even remember losing
90. the smell of the house when I’m doing laundry
91. Summer and things associated with it- Swimming, sun, vacations, cookouts, Warmth…
92. Fall and things associated with it- The weather, Halloween, Haunted houses, Dressing up in costumes, The leaves, candy corn, scarecrows, Scary movies, bonfires
93. Finishing projects!
94. Making it to the gym at least 3 days in one week
95. Knowing that my family is happy and healthy
96. Having good friends that I can depend on
97. Flowers
98.Taking my nieces and introducing them to new things that I enjoyed as a kid; Skating, swimming, parks, fairs, candy apples, ice cream, painting their toenails…
99. Karma: Seeing justice prevail
100. Going to yard sales, Flea markets, etc… 4 months ago


28. When something is organized, and a pleasure to use.

29. Growing food.

30. There’s that moment when riding a horse, right before they move into a canter, that is so amazing.

31. The way light plays on water. It’s mesmerizing.

32. Being able to fix something. I love bringing something back into usefulness.

33. Being able to help someone else.

34. Having a good day. The kind of day where you have nice weather, the food is good, you’ve had enough sleep, you’re headed off to an adventure, that kind of day where everything just goes your way.

35. Recognizing a soul mate. Someone you can really be yourself around.

36. Finding something you thought was lost forever.

37. That moment when it dawns on you that you are really over something that hurt you quite badly.

38. The luxury of trying again.

39. My Mom’s stories. She was born in 1931, and remembers things like Charlie Chaplin movies, going to school on her horse, how to live without refrigeration for food, and on and on.

40. My husband’s sense of humour.

41. How great it is to see little wild animals and birds and such. There’s nothing quite like observing a fox hunting that hasn’t seen you yet, or seeing a baby bird peeking out of the bird house.

42. Making encounters with the people who work all around us more personal and fun. I really like talking to people who work in restaurants and stores, and so on. I hope to make our connectedness more tangible.

43. The brilliance of other people. I am constantly blown away by people with great talents, such as musicians, painters, and the few politicians who strive to actually be positive forces, and everyday heroes like great parents and great pet owners, or those people with glorious gardens.

44. Having your affection returned by animals. I love the connection I feel with my horses. They actually come to hang out with me when there’s no food involved. I love meeting people’s dogs in the park, or a kitty out on the prowl that is happy to be pet.

45. Rainbows.

46. Hope.

47. How good it feels when you know someone cares about you, and is willing to help you, or protect you, and thinks well of you.

48. Having the respect of others, which is different from love or affection.

49. The luxury of choices and options. It’s nice to have clothes to choose from, food to choose from, options of what to do with my day, and being able to vote, and having the kind of marriage that means we decide things together, and being able to provide good care for my pets, and so on.

50. Being able to see good things in myself.

51. Being able to be genuinely happy for others.

52. People remembering my birthday.

53. Our big family get-togethers.

54. How good it feels to accomplish something difficult.

56. Mastery of a skill.

57. Learning better ways to communicate with others, how wonderful it is when you can work through a conflict peacefully, being able to make a point without making others feel badly; any way to maintain the dignity of all involved.

58. Being able to be incorrect with grace.

59. Knowing that you have truly done your best, regardless of the outcome.

60. Forgiveness.

61. Having lots of energy and enthusiasm. On days when I don’t have it….Blah!

62. Finally resolving something that’s been an issue for a long time, whether it’s completing a project, making that phone call, making the appointment, or getting something fixed/sold/cleaned/returned…

63. Seeing the world in a fresh way through the eyes of a child, or seeing a young adult just heading out into the world and remembering how that felt.

64. Then, seeing how you have learned and grown from your own life experiences.

65. Recognising that you actually have useful advice/wisdom to offer younger folk. It’s interesting to see yourself that way, when you also look to other older, wiser people for advice. It would be good to continue that stream of knowledge.

66. When refraining from judging others leads to a better understanding.

67. Being trustworthy.

68. Being able to give someone the perfect gift.

69. Belonging somewhere.

70. Being able to recognise quality in things. It is a great thing to actually understand what makes a certain kind of sheets better, or shoes, because being able to recognise quality (rather than just thinking that if it’s more expensive it must be better)means owning things that function better, look better longer, are more comfortable, and last longer. That’s not the same as just throwing money at something. There’s a satisfaction in knowing that something is of good quality, and getting more enjoyment from that object. 5 months ago


51. Sandwiches
52. Crushes
53. Twitter
54. Poetry
55. Deciding not to apply to medical school. Whew! 5 months ago

Piscean DreamsUntitled

74. Red red wine
75. Farmers markets
76. General Hospital
77. Someone missing me 5 months ago


XCI. Sudden rain on a sweltering summer day.
XCII. Sleeping in my own bed after having been away.
XCIII. Burning muscles that make me forget about back pain. 5 months ago

XaymacaNomadI started a list?

Judging my my last entry on this goal, I started a list on happy things. I don’t remember the list. Now i will to go searching for my papers for it. 5 months ago


LXXXIII. Whimsical terrariums.
LXXXIV. The stupid bark my mother’s dog does when it’s excited.
LXXXV. Scientific discoveries being properly reported in the media.
LXXXVI. Playing with my 5 suited deck of cards.
LXXXVII. Finding out the story behind a beloved song.
LXXXVIII. 3 dimensional models of objects found in surreal art.
LXXXIX. Finding a song’s real lyrics after hearing them wrong for years.
XC. Rediscovering something after years (book, film, song, image)when you had forgotten what it was called. Especially if you only had a vague memory. 5 months ago

brickhorseAbbreviated time

Since 43Things will be closing soon, I’m going to retire some goals that are not as important to me as others. This is one of them. 6 months ago


6. Fresh orange juice
7. Eggs benedict
8. Finishing a course
9. Sitting on the beach with wind in my hair
10. Riding in the cabrio 6 months ago

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