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pay off my debt

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PlorangeAnother Set Back:(

Our car broke down the other day:( The starter in our car went. It is very fustrating. We were going to use our tax return to pay off a smaller bill and then put it in the savings. Unfortunatley the savings is going to have to wait. Hopefully the rest of April will get better. 2 weeks ago

PlorangeFew set backs

So still trying to move forward, with an unexpected work trip, my daughter’s birthday, school pictures and gym dues my balance did go up. Not thrilled about that, but I should be able to get it back down in the next month. Waiting on riembursement for my work trip. That will be really great to get back. The hotel for my work trip was put on my credit card instead of the company one. It really sucks seeing the balance go up as much as it did. 4 weeks ago

lifewithoutamapWould you look at that...

So, my student loan status was finally updated to show that I’ve returned to school. Henceforth, I’ve now been put into automatic deferment on my loan. I am no longer obligated to make payments at this time and it will not build anymore interest at this time! However, if I still wish to make payments, I can. This is a very very very nice break to have. I’ll be able to make a HUGE dent by continuing to make payments! 4 weeks ago

PlorangeSlow Progress

So I’m still moving forward with this goal and my balance is going down. It’s just not moving as quickly as I wanted/hoped it would. I’m trying hard to keep my focus. 3 months ago

lifewithoutamapCredit card debt? Where?

I successfully entered this year eliminating my credit card debt. Now I’m on the final boss: Student Loan. It’s the only one left. It was the biggest one but considering I’d been making payments on it while getting paying towards other things… it’s no longer as intimidating as it once was. Plus, now I have the extra funds that I was using to pay off the card to go to my loan. Suck it loan! 3 months ago

PlorangeSlow going

So I have had to use my credit card several times. No happy about it:( I have been working towards getting back on track and not only paying off the new charges I added, but also make a dent in my balance. 3 months ago


I’m so proud of my progress. I have managed to put extra money on my credit card at Christmas time! I have been working hard not to add to any debt this year and I have been doing great. 4 months ago

MzcheyCredit Cards

I have $14000 in credit card debt. I used to have excellent credit pre-2008, every thing was paid and paid off in time. Then things got tough, yaddi,yaddi. I have a judgement for this credit card on my report. Ish got real, real quick. They want their money. I also have a new job. My plan is to pay it off in full and have the judgement removed from my report by 2015 when the reporting limitations expires. 4 months ago

PlorangeHoliday Time

It’s really hard this time of year to put money towards debt when all I want to do is buy presents for loved ones. To go along with the holiday gifts my daughter has been invited to 3 birthday parties and I have 3 babyshowers. It’s so tempting to ignore my budget and go crazy, but I have been very good. It’s hard, but I keep focusing on my goal. 4 months ago


I have had my debt following me for way too long! I have found debt solutions in Toronto that are going to help me get a grip on my debt. I will be debt free before you know it! 5 months ago

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