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stop eating out of boredom

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annamariewrightthis is probably going to be hard.

i must stop eating out of boredom. i’ve noticed the pounds piling on and it’s starting to get more than a little depressing. i need to keep myself busy. it’s kinda hard having social anxiety disorder. i have no job and i’ve completed my education. these days i struggle to leave the house all week. never the less, i’m going to try my very hardest :) 3 years ago


simply, I have become too broke to have food around to do this anymore haha, so I guess there is some good in it? 3 years ago

daisyklijnStarting now!

Allright, this point is in my list for 9 months already and I haven’t tried once to even start trying!
How hard can it be to say no to a chocolatebar or ben&jerry icescream? of course, it is lovely and for a while it makes you feel better. But it’s just working for a few minutes, after eating it, it makes me fees miserable. those few minutes are just nog worth the sad feeling I have afterwards. But if I was doing homework instead of eating chocolate, I’d feel good about myself afterwards! either about doint something for school as for the fact that I didn’t ate out of boredom!
From now on, I’m trying to reach this goal.
For one month, I won’t eat out of boredom! 4 years ago

LKAThis is working

I have no idea how, but since I set this goal I have eaten about half of what I normally would!

Yesterday normally would be around 3 meals and lots of snacks!

Cheese Sandwich, Happy Meal, Knickerbockerglory (with fruit not nuts so not as bad) and a couple of sweets!! Plus alot of fruit and water!!!

I’m goooooooooooooooood 4 years ago

LKAOther things

Having another 35 things to do is keeping me distracted from going down stairs to the kitchen!

Yesterday I had a mug of cereal and lasagne with peppers.
That was it!!!!
I also drank lots of water!
Good day lets try again today!!! 4 years ago


hmm its the brownies from that cafe next door that are really getting me. i did it today. oops. 5 years ago

erin1524Lose 50 pounds in 9 months

I really want to lose 50 pounds in 9 months. I never lost all of my baby weight and we are going to Disney and I want to be thin. 5 years ago

ichortle2210i feel pretty confident now

i reckon that i am at a point where i can happily say that i have got a real handle on this. i am able to fine comsthing else to do whemn i am bored instead of eat. at the moment i find that i am knitting (its another goal of mine!) so its all woking out pretty well. also i have taken to running (another goal of mine) and its helping me to see when i am actaully really hungry, or it just gives my mind something else to do! 6 years ago

ichortle2210almost there

you know i think that i have almost got a handle on thisone…lets give it another week or so and see how i am carrying on, and then i might see fit to class this as being completed! 6 years ago


i thought that i had this one covered! i was going to cross it off, but apparntly i am not quite there. yesterday was the point that really let me down! once i start being bored and deicide to fill the boredom with eating, there is just not stopping me!
i am pretty close to feeling that i have achieved this, but cos of yesty, im giving it another week or so, just to prove that my mind is stronger that my damn stomache. 6 years ago


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