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Love myself, stop hating myself, worry less, needlessly apologize less, socialize more, stop caring what other people think = improve my sense of self worth

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kbutler40Love myself more

after I turned 40 itw as like I really did not care what other throught of me! I would tell someome NO in a heartbeat, before Iwould say yes to everything, now I come first! 23 months ago

Mik JithuSense of worthiness

This is a thing which i have to do… 2 years ago


i am confuse of people actions… i completely lost my way to be honest i lost myself in respecting relations and loving people… now it really hurts… till yet my all friends cheated me and the reason was i loved and trust them so much and i was a stupidly honest for them….and now i`m all alone and afraid, afraid of everything and everyone, in my this 19 years i saw things which were so painful but now i wanna live my life but can`t deal with my tenderness and kindness, i can`t hurt anyone what should i do? i even couldn’t hurt people who hurt me badly, and when i do something wrong my heart punish me so much… now a war begun between my mind and heart and i`m dying in this war…. don`t know what to do, it hurts so much…. now i lost my self confidence and afraid from everything… i hate myself too much and sometimes i hurt me for this… i can’t forgive myself that still i give chance for people, still love them and still care for them… i afraid what people think about me… i can never forgive myself…... 3 years ago

redheadjo33THIS IS ME EXACTLY!!!!!

I lost someone that I love deeply today. He told me that he couldn’t be with me anymore because I didn’t know how to love myself. He kept saying that he wanted to help me but that he couldn’t do it anymore. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it breaks my heart every time. I want to love myself. I want to be happy. I want to stop thinking I’m not good enough compared to others. I WANT TO BE FREE!!!!! 6 years ago


all this stuff is going to be hard for me becuse all this stuff kinda discribes me. love myself is not going to be very hard but stop needlessly applogizing thats going to be hard.stop caring about what others think! now thats not so hard with a little help from my friends i could be easy. all of the rest will be hard but i know i can do it.
sincerly luna 6 years ago


I took a huge step backwards today. Stupid bitches in my class talking shit about me.
Now I feel like shit. I know how disgusting I am. And so does everybody else. 6 years ago


This is basically what I’ve spent my entire life trying to do.
But maybe one day I will get there :) 6 years ago


You just summed up the story of my entire life. But I applaud you for trying!

Thumper~ 7 years ago


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