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read all the books I have before buying new ones

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lessisToo many books!

I have about 70 books I need to read. I keep buying them but I have only read about 10. I need to stop. In fact I should go to the library really.

Whenever I come across an interesting book I should
- Check if it is somewhere online free (pdf)
- Check if it is in Library
- Check if I have other books to read
- If any of the above are YES – put it on my to read list and forgetabout it until they are all NO.
- IF all of the above are “NO” ONLY then can I buy it.
- Check if it is on ReaditSwapit
- If I buy it it has to be used / amazon / max few pounds

I have spent about 150-200 pounds on books in the last two years – sure all were used and well priced but honestly why have so many if I wont read them?? I could just borrow a few at a time from the library. Wouldnt have tonns of books hanging around uselessly and I wouldnt spend so much on books! 23 months ago


Well, instead of buying new ones I have taken to just going to the bookstore and reading them there. Seems I am inventing new ways to keep myself from reading the books I have. But I am reading this fantastic book called A Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible Such a good book; I have been pleasantly surprised. 6 years ago

cjalexanderon my way...

so i layed all my books out last night that i haven’t read yet, in the order in which i want to read them. and i started the first one and am well into it. currently reading: gilead by marilynne robinson 6 years ago

karakathleenthis is hard!

I went to Borders just to get one specific book…and ended up with 3 more… I’m not sure I have the self-control, or time, to make it happen. 7 years ago


...I don’t think I’ve gone into a barnes and noble in the past year without spending at least $90…I think I have a problem…
Haha god I’m such a nerd.
But I love reading.
I’m determined to read ALL my books.

Alison 7 years ago

SparksOeps...did it again

Yesterday…I was in the shop, went almost out without buying, and then I saw the latest John Irving, I couldn’t resist…and then, yes, I also bought another one.

There is a brand new library in our town…need to go there soon, maybe I wont buy books anymore if I see the choice they have. 8 years ago

SparksWow, this is so difficult

I couldn’t resist… it’s like if I’m feeling bad I have to buy some books…when am I going to read all this? 8 years ago

Sparksai ai ai .

.. this is sooooooo difficult 8 years ago

SparksThis is a difficult one

and I bought some new books…oeps!
Sham shame shame… 8 years ago

SparksDidn't buy the book

Yes, this is a start…had a book in my hands (30€), knowing that I couldn’t easily find it in the usual shops…looked criticaly to the index and decided not to buy…. 9 years ago


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