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mandamarie14i am honestly lost.

i used to be such a happy person. no joke, i just was naturally a fun person to be around. now no matter what happens, i just don’t feel that spike of energy. . . i feel like i’m living for other people… and when i do things i’m just wondering if it’s something they would do.? i’m feeling at risk with losing myself. how do i fight this? when i do everything i do. i DONT think about it. my mind is fluttering to a million other things… i need to learn how to be zen. say if i’m eating dinner. i’m thinking about my boyfriend, my friends … everything and before i know it… i just ate my whole meal. what can help fight this? 3 years ago


i feel as if nothing satisfies me. im so stressed about he future and achieving goals that ive made up in my head that i cant enjoy myself or anything ive accomplished. this attitude makes me sad and im really hoping, with the new year, that i can relax and not worry about money or relationships, or friends, or how i look. i need to feel more comfortable and confident with myself and not be such a huge ball of stress. 2009, you better be good to me! 5 years ago


life would be less stressful wouldn’t it! 5 years ago


In high school I had no worries. I think that is why I was so much happier and I had more fun. Now, 4 years later, my personality has become somewhat… rigid? For a 21 year old I know I am too uptight.

It bothers me because I used to be such a FUN person. I made everyone laugh. Now I have become impatient and.. boring?

I want to be able to do silly things, to take my time and enjoy life instead of acting like I have to be super responsible (which I am not.. I don’t even have a job).. Maybe thats why I try to act responsible in the small things, to make up for the irresponsibility I have in the bigger things.

I just want to go through each day with ease, and not freaking out over stupid small things. I think I am wasting my time and ruining my life. 7 years ago

JuliaTraveling helped me a lot..

especially if you go to countries that have a more laid back mentality. You are just forced to take things not as serious since otherwise you would go totally nuts. 8 years ago


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