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gdi43One of my childhood dreams

I was raised on stories my father told of the auto racing in South Africa he watched as a child, of the battles that would play out between the Ferrari’s and Porsche’s of the 1960’s and 70’s. I don’t know if any of it was true, but I always wanted to be a race car driver. And now I am! 2 years ago


I want to race cars for 1 reason to get $$$$$$$$ 5 years ago


i think it would feel great to do something like that 6 years ago

scottdbenedictMy greatest passion

Since i was a little boy there was two things i really wanted to do…design cars and race cars. I am a designer for a major auto manufacturer located in dearborn michigan. Part 1. done. time to get my ass in gear. no pun intended. 6 years ago

Philip78Be very cautious when you do it

I just sold away my modified VW Caddy Turbo which clocks 8.0 sec in 0-100. Used to own a Pulsar GT in Australia. Yes it is fun, but my advice to people would be to practice on a race track instead of taking to the streets and killing/injuring someone. I’ve gotten into bad accidents before so now i go to legalized tracks to try stunts such as E- brake out. Not worth the risk doing it illegally, getting busted by the cops 6 years ago


I drift. Not really racing, but its a form of motorsports. 7 years ago


I think raceing would be really cool. my dada wanted me too when i was lil but my mom wouldnt let me. i would still love too my dad loved watching races> nascar was his fav. and i would love to make him proud! SaRaH XoXo 7 years ago

mattw43thingsRacing Pomona

What would it take to get in somewhere like the Pomona Raceway? (provided the car was a go)

Has anybody both run the 1/4 mile and the oval runs? Which is better and why? 7 years ago


I’ve raced on the track and off. Can’t beat the rush at 160mph. enough said.. 7 years ago

dfault312I'm Sad

So, I had a Volkswagen Corrado (sporty little supercharged thing) and I loved it. But then I decided to get something cheaper to maintain, so I got a Toyota Camry. I miss my VW… and the Camry hasnt ended up being cheaper so far… 2200 in maintainence the first month. I need something fast. 8 years ago


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