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Ivan Opalka43T in virtual cloud.

We moved 43T to virtual cloud on Monday morning. Besides problems with bounce emails all seems to be humming well. Our average time to generate a page improved and errors decreased. 2 years ago

Ivan OpalkaUpdating hardware with 7 new servers

We are in process of replacing web servers which some of them have been with us since the beginning and adding a new ones.

- 7 new servers will be put into production by the end of next week.
- adding 28G of memory for memcache
- planning to switch master db with a slave db box since it’s newer and faster
- going to re-index entries and comments tables
- changing architecture of www.43places.com, www.allconsuming.net, www.43people.com and www.listsofbests.com setup to offload traffic from master database to farm of slave servers
- planning to speed up search by doing it locally on each box rather then doing it across NFS mounted drives
- I can not forget about the code optimization in progress

Hopefully this all will contribute to speed and stability of 43T. 4 years ago

LesaLockridgeMy Files

Man I love doing Webkinz but it loads too slow. Luckliy with this in my hands I’m sure to get this done 6 years ago

LesaLockridgeMy Files

I just started please remind me 6 years ago

Laurel FanUntitled

I’m doing a bunch of refactoring. Today I’m turning a lot of code that looks like this:

if thing.nil? || thing.empty?

into this:

if thing.blank? 6 years ago

Laurel FanLoad Balancing

We’re not quite done with the new database load balancing setup, but one side effect of what we’re working on is that pages are about 25-50% faster for logged in users. You can check out Ivan’s diagram of the setup on the blog:

http://blog.robotcoop.com/2008/02/27/load-balancing-act/ 6 years ago

Laurel FanIvan and I are in Kirkland

For a 4 day class focusing on performance tuning. We’ve already found 2 things that we can try… 6 years ago

Laurel FanIvan and I are in Portland

We’re taking a 3 day class about “MySQL High Availability”. The first day was mostly stuff we already know about replication, but we should start covering clustering which should be interesting. 6 years ago

yakuzaI helped build out two of the servers

It took a little bit, but with Ivan’s help, things seem pretty fast and stable now.

Sweetness! 6 years ago

Daniel SpilsI didn't do much

other than talking with Ivan, Laurel, Josh, Todd & Buster. The sites seems pretty zippy now so I’m marking this off my list. 6 years ago

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