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go on a Great American Road Trip

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Damaged262I love this idea!

Things would have to change in our family dynamics, but it would be great. 7 months ago

FernCatanother road trip

i have done this before but i would like to do this again. 2 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperTires spinning

This one’s going to be on here for a while, although we’re aiming for next summer.

My family used to do this every other summer or so when I was a kid, and I loved it. We would drive from BC to NC (camping most nights, sometimes staying in a motel or with relatives), where we have a beloved house that’s been in the family for over 100 years. I have a stockpile of good memories from those trips.

Now we want to make the same journey with our family. We decided a while back that this was a good destination for my thriving loonie-toonie fund which I haven’t counted in many months, but it has to be up there, the curious george lunchbox is nearly full (a good thing, with the current price of gas). I’ll continue to ferret away my coins like a mad pirate and see what I can manage by the time this looks feasible.

Markus is only taking half of his vacation time this summer & saving half for next year, with this in mind. I love the idea of us all packing into the car for a leisurely family road trip, stopping to see interesting sites, listening to music, camping out, roadside greasy spoons, visiting people along the way, counting cows, mesmerized by late night highway lines, window-wind in my hair… sigh.

I’m thinking a roadtrip photo-blog via the laptop would be fun too.
It’s a long way off, but I’m still looking forward to this. 5 years ago

likedreamersdo3 times

It’s not so fun when cramped in the backseat between two bickering brothers.

The first two times weren’t that bad, however.
America’s pretty. 7 years ago


i did it this summer by myself. best thing i’ve ever done. 7 years ago

pcoladawgWhere to go is hard to say

My wife has always told me that when we had children that we would go all these great places in the US. WELL we have a baby so I am ready to hit the open road. I wonder when I can make it happen. 7 years ago


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