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find the name of a song I only know some of the lyrics of!



stargirl0A question

My friend tried to write down a wonderful song that was playing in a car as it drove by up Main Street, but all I can read of his handwriting is "My heart is as fragile as a nuclear reactor". Help? 4 years ago

MiriamA question

I heard this song at Paramount King's Island (they usually play rock/pop-type songs). It had lyrics that went something like "What will be is what will be / The future belongs to me". But when I search for this or variations of it, I never find anyth 4 years ago

MiriamA question

It's this fairly recent pop/dance type song, sung by a woman. The word "music" is repeated a lot, and the phrase "takes me away" is in there somewhere. Anybody know? 6 years ago

rck0307A question

in the movie step up when nora & tyler are playing around in the studio, a song with the lyrics "i just wanna take her, freak her, her body, her features" is playing, but it's not on the soundtrack & i can't find it online. it sounds like mario...? 7 years ago

fangrl320A question

how can I find the lyrics to a song I can only think of scattered lyrics too...some of the lyrics are no more drama in my life if you get beat your problem not mine,....let's get perculating while your waing in this dancery,(dancery, i think) 7 years ago

David_PortaA question

Circa 1971, rock band, female singer, lyric "Waiting for the big bands to come back" "Daddy's getting old" 7 years ago

dragongirl001A question

I want to find a song with these lyrics "You're not just another lover, no you're everything to me", I have tried googling, but to no avail. Please help. 7 years ago

daniGIRL90A question

how do i find a song i only know the lyrics to? 8 years ago

defranklinstubbsA question

I need help finding a song title & artist. It's a 90's alternative song; the chorus goes "I feel the pain of everyone."I'm not sure on the title or the artist. Embarassingly, I can only remember that it was used in that legenday Sinbad movie "Houseguest." 8 years ago


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