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learn to draw

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6750kmA question

How often do you draw? How long do you study? Are you satisfied with your progress? How long and often should I study to draw "good"? 3 years ago

barbarinoA question

Do any of you have suggestions as to how to move from realist drawings to drawing from the imagination? 7 years ago

da_nukeA question

I perfectly know the source of my inspiration: the drawings at Minitokyo and DeviantART. But most of them include a human figure, and it once took me 3 hours just to doodle a decent human figure. Anything I could use to practice the human figure? 7 years ago

Converse4eva082595A question

I suck at sketching....help!!WHAT DO I DO 2 GET BETTER? Go to some place called SDA(suckish drawers anonymous) 8 years ago


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