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run a marathon

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jiankangA question

I have found that I have chafing under my sports bra, around my rib cage. Ouch! And I seem to be getting heat rashes, no matter the temp or how hydrated I am. Any suggestions? 7 years ago

michaelA question

Ok..(breathe) I did my training and i'm running my first in 9 days. any advice? 7 years ago

SWoopkevA question

im 15 should i run a marathon or wait till im older? (the marathon is in december in hawaii so it will be warm... And i can easily train up to the point at which i can run that far in 2 mo.) 7 years ago

Proud is ThankfulA question

I have VERY over-sensitive lungs and want to avoid (training-limiting) infections however possible, especially when the weather gets cold. Any advice? Thanks for all the great advice here and Thanks, Plantapixie, for asking such helpful questions! 7 years ago

recklesdisasterA question

or detroit or near ?? 7 years ago

recklesdisasterA question

any marathons in troy,michigan 7 years ago

jiankangA question

i am about to buy new running shoes so what kind do you suggest for running marathons? And what do you suggest girls wear? 7 years ago

plantapixieA question

how much weight did you lose training for the marathon? 8 years ago

plantapixieA question

how does everyone feel about the Jeff Galloway training guide? 8 years ago

plantapixieA question

are treadmills accurate? my pace times are way slower then outside. 8 years ago


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