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Make new friends

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mrsschapiroA question

Suggestions? 9 months ago

DeVilledA question

I'm really shy. How do I overcome this enough to make new friends? 2 years ago

2212AkshayA question

How can I start talking to strangers and make more friends? 2 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaA question

Can a person be interesting enough without sense of humor? 3 years ago

fabul0usA question

I am a shy person, how can I make friends? How do I suggest to go out? Should I be friends before suggesting going to have a coffee? I feel intimidated, please any help how to make friends? 3 years ago

barbar_ellaA question

what is your experience with female versus male friends? 4 years ago

~Erica~A question

Im a really outgoing person and easy to get along with. Many would think I have a lot of friends but I dont. I dont even have a best friend. The closet I have is my boyfriend. How do I meet people and keep them as friends? 5 years ago

empress19A question

What's the best way to meet people that have the same interests as you? 6 years ago

graywollyA question

Okay now that school is out for the summer how am I suppose to make friends and like where to find them? Please note I am very very shy. 6 years ago

empress19A question

I'll be going to the States 30th June and i wont know anyone except my girlfriend and her friends, how do i make my own in a whole other country? 6 years ago


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