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xxthexxscenexxA question

Any advice for a fictional memoir in the form of letters? 18 months ago

xxthexxscenexxA question

What is a good way to start a novel? In the middle of action? Should it start out slow? Any ideas?? Thanks! 18 months ago

DeclaA question

Is it best to try to write in sequence? Or can you fill out earlier chapters after writing the end? I'm worried that I'll finish the story at 30000 words but have the middle too concise or have forgotten to include key scenes. 3 years ago

dancingmomA question

What's the best way to prepare for this and what are the not so obvious pitfalls? 3 years ago

PinkCoffeeMugA question

NaNo is due to start soon and I want to be prepared. How do I begin writing an outline? I pretty much know the story I want to tell, but I'm not sure how to tell it and in what kind of order or whatever. How do you create an outline? 4 years ago

firepoppyA question

I've just heard of NaNoWriMo and would love to join in this year but I'm beginning a maths degree this October. Will I be able to fit it in? 4 years ago

CherylA question

How can I update word count? I know that the NaNoWriMo site is slow right now with everyone getting started, but the place where I can update word count is greyed out, when I can even reach that place without the site timing out. Any advice? 5 years ago

flutter is full of wonderA question

do we really need to scramble your manuscript before uploading it for a word count, because the "way simple way" they have for us to do this, just isn't that simple for me 6 years ago

tikini wikini A question

Can anyone tell me how to submit what I've written to NaNo? I know it should be obvious, but no... And as shweffy says, the site is oh so slow... 6 years ago

TurandotA question

Do you have prejudices against some words? There are words I would never use. They are not vulgar, just words that describe an attitude to life that I don't like, like "posh". Do you have taboo words? And what are they? 6 years ago


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