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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

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Manuchander SA question

I'd like to do it ! but how long, is the question i have ? 2 years ago

danidee27A question

Hmm... so how far or long does the trip have to be to count as a "road trip"? 3 years ago

Jun Kit ManA question

Can anyone help with my road trip film? I just want to meet some users on this site to talk about happiness. Everything is here on my website which i built http://www.naivepanda.com/ 3 years ago

empress19A question

Should I just buy my ticket and randomly go to the states with 1000 pounds for 3 months or should i plan...? 6 years ago

empress19A question

Where did you go? What did you see? When did you go? Who did you go with? How was it? 6 years ago

ElskiA question

Does anyone have any thoughts of doing the trip as a hitchhiker? 6 years ago

SarahA question

I have one day where I have nothing whatsoever to do. I've got a car, and the inclination, but how do i go about it? I'm such a planner, and just getting in the car and driving seems such an alien concept, but I want to try... 6 years ago

invisiblekissA question

two things: do i NEED a car, is it absolutely vital, and where can i find people to go with me. i guess i can just ask friends randomly right, i want to do that, but i want it to be so spontaneous like heyy lets get in the car and go wherever 7 years ago

rogerm2A question

should I go alone or is it more fun to bring others with me? 7 years ago

azrulazmieA question

I'm such a domestic guy... I tried this kind of trip but in the middle of it I feel bluesy and want to go back home and did it right away and afterwards regret it.. Is this normal.. any suggestion to reduce 7 years ago


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