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move out

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glacheA question

When inspecting a house (share housing), what should I be looking for? Obviously I need to get the vibe of a place and its tenants, anything else that might not be obvious? 4 years ago

glacheA question

Thanks everyone for your previous responses. Another question--when are some sensible times to call up about a place? P.S. Sorry I meant in terms of share housing, so obviously not through an agent. They're all online listings. 4 years ago

glacheA question

When should I tell my parents? Before or after inspecting some places? 4 years ago

spualityA question

When did you move out on your own? 5 years ago

say_yes_to_michiganA question

How much money should you have saved before you rent an apartment? 5 years ago

KashaBunnyA question

I want to pack up here in Georgia and head north. How much money do I need to save for moving expenses, food, and rent until I can find a job? 5 years ago

sarah127A question

Is moving into a dorm for college really "moving out", or is it just a minor change? I'm not sure if moving into my dorm will be enough to really count. 7 years ago

nosebleedA question

Can anyone give any tips on budgeting on living on your own? I can't seem to find any good examples for anyone like me. 8 years ago


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