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lose weight

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pinkkbubbly0808A question

has anyone got some good tips and how to lose the weight? is it better to eat lots of snacks or just to eat three meals a day? 6 years ago

upgradem08A question

To play off of rockluvr1988's question but when i do squats and lunges one of my knees hurt. I have to do them for the class i'm in but is there anything to make knees feel better or not hurt as much? 6 years ago

RuchellTA question

Has anyone tried Solo Slim? 6 years ago

SamanthaA question

Okay this is a little embarrassing, and I feel kind of dumb asking, but I have to know. Does semen have calories? 6 years ago

mholikA question

Why are you doing this... REALLY? 6 years ago

mopsyA question

What is great about your body? 6 years ago

lostduskA question

I'm overweight and trying to lose. But I fear being left with saggy / baggy skin. What can I do to prevent it? If it makes a difference, I am in my teens. 6 years ago

See WhyA question

In one month, I am off to do some snowboarding. What sort of exercises do you recommend for me to get ready for it? 6 years ago

Tagodan ~ Goddess of the MoonA question

Now that I've lost weight, how can I improve my loose skin (especially around my stomach/thighs)? 6 years ago

thabeathasarrivedA question

In 3 weeks i am going to be going up north to snowboard... any exercizes to help me get prepared for this again? 6 years ago


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