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Move back to California.

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Mathemagus 3 months ago

XoxoMary 10 months ago

DoveVaderyeah, here I am world!

Well, it was my dream in life to move back home.. to Cali! For over 15 years! All day, every day, all I could think was.. if I just move back to LA everything will be ok.No snow, it will be warm, and sunny! I’ll be happy! I’ll be free! I’ll be comfortable, have friends, blagh blagh.. Well, I’ve been here for a year, have no friends, feel lonelier than I ever have in my life, its too expensive, dont even have gas money to go anywhere, no money to go out, have to pay for parking everywhere! Its loud, dirty, gross, homeless people sleeping outside in my alley.. FUCKO! WTF was I thinking?? All I do is miss the snow, and the calm, and the quiet, and my friends, and dive bars, and … nature, no traffic, camping, everything within a half hour drive, man i could go on and on! I hate it here and want to go back! A year later, and I cant get used to it, and dont know if I ever will! Stay where you are ! dont bother! its crowded enough here! 13 months ago

DoveVader 7 years ago

binarita 13 months ago


It has been almost 2 years since I’ve been back. Moving back home was my biggest dream for 6 years. Although it was under circumstances I wish my family didn’t have to go through, I am so happy to be home. 17 months ago

linaloves 6 years ago

user24224Seriously, I want to do this...

I’ve lived in California for at least 21 1/2 years and I would love to move back there… 22 months ago

user24224 22 months ago

Dee 2 years ago

MamaBearHunt 2 years ago

FlyOrDieTai 2 years ago

frisca2010 2 years ago

Sonka 2 years ago

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