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complete a 10 day water fast

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10 Day Water Fast

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Water Fast 10 Days

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Jayasree RavindranDay 2 March 1st 2012

7:48:54 AM
Got up at 4.50 AM

I am not hungry.. Just a bit tired and coz of that could not do my exercises.. i did it for almost 3 mins :(.. May be my body cant handle any fast movements right now..

I am some what prepared for this water fast, mentally (Sure) and physically (not so much), have done lots of research for the mental part, know exactly what to expect from water fasting, and for the physical part I have ate less for a week before or so..

I have this constant fear that others (my family , friends & Raj ( of course )) will try to hold me back from achieving this goal. If any of them comes to know about this 10 day marathon (for me).. They will definitely try to let this down.

I know I will eat again, and plenty, this is not a deprivation, this is doing myself a favor, a very big favor actually.

I read here and there about sleeping the whole day while fasting.. I don t think that will suit me.. I have this history of very bad sleeping patterns.. If I sleep during the day,I might stay awake the whole night and the next day will get spoiled.. I most certainly do not want to go back to that.. It is that sleeping pattern that turned me physically inactive and Over weight..

Aside from feeling a slight weakness and dizziness when I walk around, I am feeling pretty cool.. Not hungry really at all.. Apart from the occasional distractions when my mom asks me to help her with kitchen chores I am actually not even thinking about food at all.. This is a very good sign for me.. My whole day revolves around thinking/dreaming/imagining/visualizing about food..

Forgot to mention a major behavioral drawback.. I am an EMOTIONAL EATER.. So must just take this one day at a time. 2 years ago

Jayasree Ravindran10 Day Water Fast

Day 1 – 29 Feb 2012

Lets see How much luck a leap year can bring on me.. Day 1 Done .. Just water..

The Height entered is 164.5 centimeters. The Weight entered is 80.660 kilograms.

Your Calculated BMI is: 29.8

BMI Categories:
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
--------- 2 years ago

Jayasree Ravindran 2 years ago

Emmie Tsang 2 years ago

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