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make an inspiration book

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stargirl0how's that for an introductory sentence?

Part two of the process of which my decluttering binge is part one is getting new clothes to replace the bags and bags of old things I’m getting rid of. Understand: I don’t throw anything out, ever, and I buy an item of clothing maybe once a season, so this is kind of huge for me.
In preparation for moving offisland and the enormous increase in consumption that will presumably entail, I want to put together a book(let) of pictures and words that describe my idea of “good clothes”. Hopefully, pinning this ephermeral concept down will help me be a more organized and effective shopper, and prevent “become overwhelmed by the prospect of a mall, grab a tshirt and run away” syndrome.
FINGERS CROSSED. 3 years ago


Started a new one. Going to be ace 4 years ago

afefStep one to make an inspiration book

Bought a plain paged Moleskine! 5 years ago


i sort of have one of these already. i guess this goal is more to remind me to keep it up and put things in it like i used to 5 years ago

LisaThis morning...

I started sticking things in, and I’m going to find some cool/cute/pretty wrapping paper to put on the front and back
cover. :) 5 years ago


I bought a sketchbook, so now I can fill it with all the things I’ve cut out and more. :) 5 years ago


i printed out the keyboard chords to Death Cab’s song Talking Bird. it’s been lying on my table and i’m surprised it hasn’t been lost or throw out yet. i copied it into my notebook. the red pen bled through, but oh well. 5 years ago


the cover of my book. i sewed it on my sewing machine. it’s made of random papers – sketch book, graph, tracing, construction, etc. 5 years ago

LisaInspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

One day soon, I am going to buy an A4 sketchbook or A4 plain notebook and fill it up with inspiring pictures, quotes, etc. Who knows when it might come in useful for my lyrics or stories?

I’ve already started collecting stuff to put in, so I’m getting somewhere already, I suppose. 5 years ago


i was looking through a thousand fliers today while eating breakfast. after finding a picture of perfect kitchen cupboards, i decided to start cutting out neat pictures. i even found three gifts that i want to get for my mom for mother’s day and her birthday. she guessed one when i told her it was for the pool, lol. 6 years ago


art, photographs, interior design, craft and knitting patterns and ideas, lyrics and quotes, dreams. 6 years ago

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