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Lisa BarkerBlog Topics ideas

Business Blog will be my main priority

Topics might be:

how to cope when your feeling overwhlmed with your wedding plans
How to survive the holidays without bingeing
Weighing yourself is making you fat not thinner
What to do if your scared of change
Valentines check list – a girls ultimate guide to woo your man
warning – checking your email may make you fat
dispell those myths – a woman creates her standards
Have Faith in your dreams
20 ways to destress before the big day
10 more tips to be stress free before your wedding
4 ways to ditching the body embarrasment and create a new you to walk down the aisle tomorrow
10 ways to look sexy over 40 at your daughters wedding
How to be the goddess in stilettoes

That should keep me going for a while just have to set up a blog site now but still trying to organise my logo 4 months ago

whoneedsaname 4 months ago

livinghealthfully 5 months ago

adiri 5 months ago


Does any body know what love really is. Ah but only those special few can actually feel love but can’t describe it. I’m 12 and i have just felt love and i know this for a fact this was the one for me she replaced that emptiness from that one other girl. But like the other one she broke my heart and for what something i never did. I can’t describe what i felt but it’s like that feeling you get when you go to disney land for the first time it’s magical and special that’s how i felt with her and i hope she comes around and sees how much i care about her. she will always hold a special place in my heart for those three special and magical weeks we spent together. And i hope that one day of maybe i was wrong comes around and i hope it happens soon. 3 years ago

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ImGoingFor43 7 months ago

SpatzMore followers :-)

By now, my blog has 200 followers and 7 tumblr subscribers, 38 twitter followers. There are 12 Pinterest followers, too.

And I’m on to 175 subscribers here on 43T.

It’s all so wonderful and I’m again so very thankful. I’m so happy and thankful to be part of the 43Things community and enjoy being here so much.
I’ve found great friends here – again, I’m so happy and thankful.

And amazed at all the wonderful people out there! 8 months ago

beccaoncloud9 9 months ago

Svetlanelle 9 months ago

she_has_potential 9 months ago

Eimear 9 months ago

meadowviewartistDiscovered I was awful at this...

I have started and stopped more than one blog over the years. The truth is I’m not very good at it.

My blogs have tended to be boring. I’m not sure why, but my work becomes stilted and lame when I’m putting together blogs.

I still have a blog on my photo website - http://katehannonimpressions.com/random-impressions - it is now going to be very random and short on words.

So…after all these years, I’m taking it off the list and marking it as done.

I hope the rest of you keep at it and have indredible success personally and/or professionally. 10 months ago

meadowviewartist 4 years ago


My little blog now has 100 followers!

As Wordpress decides to count tumblr subscribers (6) and twitter followers (35) too, it’s not an even number. Pinterest followers (3) are not counted, it seems.

I often marvel at the numbers of followers and subscribers – 164 at 43T at the moment, and I’m so very thankful so many great people are reading what I write and take time to cheer, like or heart and comment and answer. I never knew there were so many kind and great people all around, and I’ve met great friends here.

Life is great, and you all make it so much brighter!

Thank you everybody! 11 months ago


I’ve been doing my tiny small blog for quite a few days now, and this week brought something new:


Huh? I’d never heard about that before.
I’ve received a “Super Sweet Award” and a “Very Inspiring Award”.

Reading up on them, I think they are some kind of promotional scheme – to accept the award, you have to nominate 10 to 15 other blogs and pass on the award.

By that rate, all blogs should be up to their knees in awards, soon.
How come I’ve never heard about that before?

Well, I’m still struggling with the concept.

But hey, my blog is “Super sweet”. Or so they said :-) 11 months ago

JaimeRu 12 months ago

Kind_of_blue 12 months ago

jojo1971 12 months ago


Blog about ideas to improve life and education. 12 months ago

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