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Spend more quality time with my son

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jeff71 18 months ago

livingwithintentionWant to carve out some weekly 1-on-1 time

I’ve been getting better at carving out Mommy/big kid time lately and every time I’m so glad I did.

One day my son and I went out for sushi and to a candy store. The whole week he kept talking about our upcoming lunch date and how excited he was and it ended up being a lot of fun.

I’m still trying to figure out what activities we should plan to do. One day I took him to a game playing league with other kids his age. Although he had a good time, we weren’t really spending quality time together except in the car ride there.

I want to get to a point where we have a carved out time of the week that we always do something just me and him. I haven’t announced that to him yet as I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep, but I feel like making a plan might help me to prioritize this as well.

Perhaps until I know I have a usual time, I can at least shoot for some Mommy/kiddo time at least once every 7 days (I of course spend a lot of time with him all week, but it’s often in the company of dad and little brother or while one or both of us are multitasking.) I want to really be more intentional about our time together. 2 years ago


I keep meaning to set aside one day a week that my oldest son and I have Mommy and me time, but haven’t gotten around to make it routine. The sponteneous times we’ve had 1-on-1 lately have been really great.

The other night instead of reading him to sleep, I just laid next to him in bed telling him about his and his brother’s birth stories. He was so engaged and asked lots of questions. It was really nice to connect in that way and have him so interested in these important stories of our family’s life. (Since he’s a typical 7 yr old, he often doesn’t care to spend very much time just talking about family).

Tonight he and I ran some errands including picking up some fries from a burger shop. We had to wait a while for the food, so we sat at a table playing rock, paper, scissors until we were laughing (we went through a string of putting out the same item over and over).

I love these little moments and am sad to say they feel few and far between. My mood is so low lately, I’ve really withdrawn from a lot of intentional activities with my family—I need to get out of this funk…. 2 years ago

poeticprincez 2 years ago

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