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AllysonTheGreatVirgo 2 months ago

user1391028816 2 months ago


not special enough or motivational enough for me 3 months ago

qingcaitou 5 months ago

bcryer 5 months ago

CameronHelmsEducating myself.

I purchased a book on beginners to investment, it’s a start to learing the process and the vocabulary. I need to save money first, so I HAVE the amount to risk and invest. Can’t wait to build my future. 6 months ago

CameronHelms 6 months ago

darci 4 years ago

kavyaa 7 months ago

Amanda 8 months ago

Roman Basov 8 months ago

rosieMar 9 months ago

Maryrose Hewitt 9 months ago

Bedhead2Playing around more

I’m starting to set it up to buy or sell when I’m away. That way, I can be more patient (buying at a lower price) and also more safe (selling if it goes too low).

I have not made a huge amount of money but I haven’t lost my original investment (just $700).

I read the daily highs, the daily lows, and the daily high volume lists. I look into the stock and find out more. I have subscribed to receive daily emails from SeekingAlpha, and I read other articles about the stock market, mainly just to learn the terms and know more.

I’m wondering about EFT’s…like Mutual funds but you can sell more easily…sounds good but I don’t know much about them yet. 10 months ago

Amairani Martinez 10 months ago

Bensterism 11 months ago

DerpDerpDerpDerp 12 months ago

twi5t3d 13 months ago

hairylegs 3 years ago

Bedhead2Off the charts.

I bought sold most of my main one.
I bought 4 new ones. They are all up atleast 30-90% today.
It’s been two days.

-I’m going to sell them tomorrow if I can.-

decided not to sell them today

-To try and buy back into the original one which I think it’s going to go up even more (hope so!).-

Tried to go back to the original one and there is a FREEZE on buying this stock. I am not able to buy it but others are…I’m confused.14 months ago


My stock tripled today. I would say it’s been a month or so since I bought back in. I sold half today.
Then I bought small amounts in 4 different stocks (all in the same sector) 4 our of 5 of my stocks went up today. This is getting interesting. 14 months ago

Bedhead2I've taken most out

But still have a little money in my stock.
It’s gone up like crazy! I bought in a .10 or so. it went up to .24 in the past few days!

I don’t have much in there but I might sell it. Then plan on buying back when it drops again (if it drops).

I bought another different stock yesterday (just $150 worth).
It’s up today but I have no idea what will happen. 14 months ago

Jorge_moses 14 months ago

mrbackgammon 14 months ago

lmill612 6 years ago

Grace754 15 months ago

Bedhead2I'm doing this.

I have the small penny stock.
I met with someone at the bank to help me invest in a mutual fund (ask me which one if you are interested) and now we are fixing up my 401k so that I have investing in stocks that grow. It’s so small …I need it to grow!

Any favorite mutual fund? The one I have is on the conservative end…for now. 15 months ago

MeganMeck 15 months ago

ellzrae 15 months ago

kbomhold 15 months ago

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