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save 6 months of living expenses

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RubyToo$12K, as if.

One of my goals is to save $10K and that just seems impossible! I will say that I managed to save enough to live for 3 months out of work with the baby. Man it was tight at the end though. 1 month ago


that our debt is gone we are 100% focused on saving. We tapped into savings to pay off debt and are left with about $2300 so the task begins right away. We must increase this amount and at the same time not accumulate debt! 1 month ago

ttfoley24 2 months ago

AOKThe more things change

the more they stay the same. Was reading the early 2007 entries I wrote on this goal. Funny that today I can say the same thing that I said in 2007. To date we have one month’s worth saved. But I am sure our monthly expenses are higher now than 6 years ago, so that’s progress, right? Ha! 2 months ago

AOKTough goal

We spend a lot of money on food each month. We could definitely monitor this in a more effective way. 3 months ago

RexKwonDo$8,097 saved, $7,455 remaining

I just made it halfway, completing my goal of saving 3 months’. Now 6 months’ is the new milestone. I’ll try to save $6,000 more by the end of the year, and the remaining $1,455 by March 2014. 10 months ago

ethereal_haze 20 months ago

RubyTooJust under it....

I’m almost at the $10K mark, maybe I’ll hit my 12K early in 2013? Cross fingers. 20 months ago

RubyTooMy goal

I see my goal is $12,000 by 2013.

Currently I’m $5110. I have my $10,000 goal set to be acheived by 2013. It SHOULD be do-able. I’m not so sure about the $12K though. 2 years ago

jimj1sI am tired of being scared of financial insecurity

I have a good job, and make a decent wage

BUT – I spent too much and have a big mortgage and a family to support

I have paid off all credit cards and cars (finally, and then bought more cars and recharged the credit cards higher than ever.

What frightens me is having a big expense or a job or income change that causes me to have to borrow more and descend into insolvency.

6 months living expense for me is about $5k per month, or $30k total.

That’s a lot of dough for this small-town boy.

But I HAVE to do it. I want to sleep easy at night knowing I can handle unexpected monetary hits. It has taken me a long time to get to this point, but I am now deferring instant gratification in favor of savings. I’ve saved nothing. I have a long way to go.

Please God, be nice to me and let me keep saving without an emergency causing me to drop big bucks along the way.

Changing from a spender to a saver seems impossible to me.
But I keep trying. 7 years ago

windstorm 7 years ago

violet_flames 7 years ago


That’s just under 30% of the way there. Looking through my other goals you will see the various ways I have it stashed or saved. 2 years ago

AOKGetting settled

after the move. There was a bit of juggling finances this month and we did not stick to our budget. Our plan for July is different and we should get a sense then of how much we can save each month. 2 years ago

RubyTooHow much?

In my 5 year plan I outlined my goal to be $12,000 by Jan 2013. To accomplish that I would need to contribute $500/mo.

As of next week I determined I will have $1,929 in my seperate savings and a $1,000 cd. I need to find ways to pick up extra cash. 2 years ago

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