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increasepeace 4 years ago

Shelly Pike 2 days ago

noinnocentvictim 4 years ago

MuffinPotato 3 days ago

TheGoalMachine2014 3 days ago

Likikilalrula 3 days ago

Pat Rockaway 4 days ago


i applied at a retail store yesterday, which hopefully will be okay. i also recently subsribed to the subreddit /tales from retail… so there’s that.

anyways i know someone who works there and he said he would recommend me… so we’ll see.

it’s not a high end and probably won’t pay that much but here’s hoping. 4 days ago

Bojan Teodosijevic 19 months ago


My interview today went pretty badly. I think the quality of my interviews is declining. It shouldn’t be going that way.

I’m still having a hard time pushing myself to apply for more jobs. I need a break, I need to go somewhere for a day, or just spend an afternoon driving in the country. 6 days ago

aariena 4 years ago

Sorikai 1 week ago

ThomasJ223 21 months ago

Vivithelittlelegend 1 week ago

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user1396730550 1 week ago

Maqezemi 1 week ago

alex_kapin 1 week ago


I am on the verge of a breakdown. My interviews for the most part go well enough, but when I’m competing against 100 (this is not an exagerration) people there’s just no chance of me getting through. I’m amazed I even get as many interviews I do (about a 15% response rate). I just want to go beat these people over the heads and shout “I AM A COMPETENT EMPLOYEE, I promise!”

Don’t tell me to “hang in there.” I don’t want to hear it. 1 week ago

Robkane 3 years ago

DMTMH 2 weeks ago

Mazwyn 2 weeks ago

JWUP 5 years ago

eruaphadriel 2 weeks ago

RachelBad Rachel

I have been terrible about applying to jobs lately. I’ve only applied to 5 since my [second-to-]last post… 5 days ago. It’s just hard to keep slogging away when you’ve done so many so far. That, and I’ve spent a lot of time looking up new prospects, which is good and all, but it’s really just a distraction so I can avoid actually applying to them. 2 weeks ago

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