generate all the order-9 graphs

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apteryxSecond attempt failed

The new, faster program used up so much memory that it got really slow due to swapping virtual memory on disk. It ran for 11 days and generated a little over 213,000 graphs, and then my boss rebooted the computer again.

Next time, I’ll have to just put the graphs into a database instead of holding everything in memory. And use a different computer.

I’m giving this low priority for now, though. 7 years ago

apteryxFirst attempt failed

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Python program to generate all the order-9 graphs. I ran it on my boss’s dual-CPU G5. It ran for a week, until my boss rebooted the computer. It had generated about 180,000 graphs. I think that’s almost all of them.

I modified the program to use more “hashing and caching”, a better way of spotting non-isomorphs, and to auto-include complements of graphs with fewer than 36 lines. That sped up generation of all 12,346 order-8 graphs from 125 minutes to 9 minutes. I started it running on the order-9 graphs yesterday. It generated the first 50,000 or so very quickly, but now the memory usage is at 1.5 GB, so I think the process is doing a lot of swapping. It’s completed 114,000 graphs now, and is generating about 1000 graphs per hour. 7 years ago

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