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shuaibs606 3 days ago

dannyboy140789 1 month ago

Kira 20 months ago

Ishaa2111 12 months ago

noorr1986So glad

I actually spent some time in updating the content and the layout to update my CV because I was seriously thinking of going to graduate school this year and I needed the CV for application and with the help of my hubsy it ended up pretty neat. I can say that it is important that I did it to see where I am and work hard/focus in the direction I am headed.I also realized that I should wait for at least a year before I think of applying for new jobs for my CV to be really powerful and have a serious impact on my options and offers. 2 months ago

noorr1986 2 months ago

annycapguo 8 months ago

wongalethu 5 months ago

aprilsunshinegal 17 months ago

kaiakate 9 months ago

Sarah 12 months ago


Louka_louka 13 months ago

MustafaKhalid 12 months ago

ahmadamer15 13 months ago

Optionally_MineAnd again .. I'm getting good at this ..

After transferring from the PC to the laptop (I’ve yet to work out how to virtually move my documents) I found an older CV in my email to bring up to date. 14 months ago

Ladysocks 14 months ago

calypte 15 months ago


I’ve had a fab year of courses and finishing stuff, so the ol’ CV should look reasonably impressive, methinks! It’s not exactly ‘zingy’, but a bit of a rejiggle to include my web-type stuff and I’ll see what it can hook, I guess?! 15 months ago

nyambu 15 months ago


Mrs_Allen 3 years ago

robz205 16 months ago

craigymuir 19 months ago

Optionally_MineNow for the nitty gritty ..

Last week i was given a new contract which is basically a get out clause because the company is running at a loss .. i’ve known for a while now that the people behind this company seem very good at dissolving companies and starting anew so i’ve never felt secure, in fact they still owe me five weeks pay from when i first started .. i am getting paid now week to week but its still iffy .. trouble is they are not a bad lot, they seem to be struggling to make a new company work, the experience for me is a bonus and i do enjoy the work .. so i’m in a dilemma, do i cut my losses and find something else or ..

Quite by chance i came across two weekend jobs and thought okay compromise i updated my CV and applied .. of course it would mean i could end up working seven days a week but at the same time if this company does go out of business i don’t want to end up doing nothing. 19 months ago

user36997 19 months ago

skyPRINCE 20 months ago

user31849 20 months ago

Elyse_Mtl 20 months ago

Optionally_MineA change is as good as a rest ..

I did this eight months ago just to make my basic CV more job worthy and it worked enough to get me to, where i am today .. considering i’d been in the same job for 10 years, a stay at home mum for most of my adult life with a few little jobs thrown in for good measure and basic education my CV aint nothing special .. but last month two things have happened .. one i resigned from my ten year job and two i’ve started on a completely new career path quite by chance my CV is gonna take on an exciting change and i’m looking forward to up-dating it again. 21 months ago

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