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Get healthy

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jamesleel 1 day ago

thisislu 2 weeks ago

John_V 1 month ago

Hyacinth GirlGood start

Finally a full day of healthy living! I went for a walk, ate healthy food, spent quality time with my partner, and engaged in activities that I find enriching. Ahhh… 1 month ago

alysse14It's onnnnn!!

So I’m back at uni now, so have more free time to make sure I dedicate myself to this goal!
My uni day involves an up hill walk in the morning and a downhill walk when I’m heading home. Quite challenging to start off with but I’ll get used to it!
Just need to do some extra exercise and get my diet in check. Seeing the naturopath in a few weeks time finally! 1 month ago

Hyacinth GirlA change has gotta come

I’ve never been this unhealthy in my life. I’m 30 pounds overweight, which doesn’t look or feel good. My skin is terrible. I have no energy to get through the day. And a few of my medical conditions have really started to flare up. Something’s gotta give. It’s time for a change.

I’d like to kickstart a healthy routine by doing a three day juice cleanse. I will go grocery shopping for fruits and veggies this weekend, and start the cleanse on Monday. After that, I will try to get as many nutrients into my body as possible, and cut out the crap.

Starting tomorrow, I will go for a walk everyday. I’ve got my Fitbit charging as I speak. Maybe I will try to walk 10,000 steps a day. Not sure about that yet. But I’m going to put a pair of running shoes in the car in case I want to go for a walk after work sometimes, and store my earpodz in my purse because walking is not pleasant when you have an earache from the wind.

I will bring my water bottle with me everywhere, and try to drink 64 ounces of water each day. I won’t forget to take my vitamins and iron supplements.

What I’d really like to do is strengthen my immune system. I don’t know if that’s even possible or not, but I’m going to look into it. Maybe I should look into seeing a naturopath. They are so expensive though. Anyway, any advice is welcome. I’ve been in this boat for a while, but I finally feel fed up enough to do something about it. Here we go! 1 month ago

Hyacinth Girl 1 month ago

ttfoley24 2 months ago

tealady703 2 months ago

alysse14Still at it!

It’s been about a month and I am still making a conscious effort to make healthier choices. I do struggle with losing weight and keeping it off – so far I had lost 3.6 kilos at best, but this has gone up a bit again sadly! – more like 2.6 ish kg lost. But not going to let a couple of bad days on the scales stop me from this goal!
I do feel a little bit healthier, in the way that I don’t feel completely “bleerrrgggghhhh” as I would if I was eating junk food.

I thought of another weight-loss reward.
My first one, for when I’ve lost 7kg was to get another tattoo.
My second one for when I’ve lost 12kg will be to get a field scope (great for my bird watching!)
My third one for when I’ve lost 20kg might be an overseas trip or something :-) 2 months ago

jjmalone 2 months ago

alysse14Going well!

I’ve been recording my weight every day for 18 days now… And I’ve lost 2.5 kilos (about 5 – 5.5 pounds) so far. Very happy as I’ve mainly just been focusing on eating healthily, with just walking as exercise. I haven’t been depriving myself either, I’ve had chocolate a few times, just not everyday like I used to. And I can’t see myself turning into a gym junkie either. Best way for me is slowly and naturally, otherwise I’ll get sick of whatever crazy diet or workout I’m doing and stop, then put it all back on, which is what’s happened to me in the past.
I feel healthier inside, I’ve only had one bad headache in the last few weeks, which only lasted a few hours (that’s good for me!)
I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and not give in to temptation and I should be able to reach a healthier weight in about 6 months, and be where I want to be and have stabilised it by the end of the year. And soon I will see my naturopath who will find out if there are any hormonal or other things holding me back too. 2 months ago

PerfectImperfections 3 months ago

alysse14Going ok

Been eating healthily, finally walked a bit more tonight, logged 1.86 miles (3km) on moonjoggers – my first log!
Got my naturopath appointments, would be great if I can lose a bit by then, just gonna try to stick to it, taking it one day at a time, and not depriving myself but not being a piggy! Having small amounts of chocolate, but I’m enjoying my healthy food. 3 months ago

Sandra Sankova 18 months ago

alysse14Back to work!

Today was my first day back at work following my surgery. Everything feels fine with that, but yesterday I had a bit of a mishap – I wasn’t drunk! – I accidentally stepped in like a pothole in a path and twisted my ankle and fell over, so my ankle is all swollen, knees grazed and one bleeding, and my toe skin grazed and bleeding. So needless to say it may be a few days before I can exercise properly by walking, and because of my surgery I’m not allowed to do too much else at the moment!

On the positive side – I ate pretty healthily today! I had toast with honey and chia seeds for breakfast, yoghurt, fruit and air popped popcorn as snacks during the day, smoked tuna for lunch, and for dinner I went out for dinner with a friend and had a salad with chicken, salmon and prawns in it – I know it sounds like a weird combo but it really works! – and I had WATER to drink, no soft drink or anything else all day! So I’m happy with myself, the only naughty thing I had was about 4 Lindt chocolates, a secret Santa gift which I only got today! :-) 3 months ago

Victor Torres 3 months ago

meghanbeans 3 months ago

alysse14Chia Seeds!

After seeing many mentions of chia seeds in all the health food articles, recipes, etc I decided to buy some to try! I tried them this morning – multigrain toast with honey and chia seeds sprinkled on top. It tasted nice altogether, the seeds themselves didn’t seem to have much flavour, and I didn’t notice them a lot because they blended in with the texture of the grainy bread.

So I’ll have to remember to have them on a regular basis because they have so many different health benefits I was reading about!

- Gluten free
- High in dietary fibre
- Contains 20% Omega 3 ALA which is apparently great for the brain and heart
- 20% protein, including all 8 essential amino acids (I’m assuming this means the amino acids that we can’t produce in our bodies and have to consume?)
- High in antioxidants
- Loads of calcium, vitamin C, iron and potassium
- Great for healthy skin, hair and nails
- Balances blood glucose levels
- When mixed with water, forms a gel that can be used as an egg replacement in recipes

I’m glad I’ve tried it, and will continue to use it! Next I’m going to try quinoa! All the health nuts go on about it so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon haha. 3 months ago

alysse14Motivational gift

One of my Xmas gifts from my sister was this Lorna Jane 2014 diary!
It’s really great, lots of exercise and healthy eating tips, and motivational quotes and ideas.
So I’ll be able to keep track of my diet and exercise and try some new ideas from the diary, and use it as motivation to keep going as well! My sister has her own too, and we’ve said we will exercise together, like going for walks, swimming, fitness classes, etc.
I can’t wait to get completely better from my surgery so I can get into it! The doctor said no gym for a month after the surgery but I think I should be ok to start going for walks before then, just nothing to energetic! 3 months ago

EmeldaD 20 months ago

alysse14Had the operation!

Operation was a success. In total 4 cysts were removed from the right side, the one on the left wasnt anything to worry about, just a follicle so the doctor didn’t touch it since she was doing so much on the other side. And the pathology tests all came back as benign, so no nasties to worry about! She did say these are the sort of cysts that can be recurring, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again!

So I’m a bit sore now, but I have 2 weeks off work to recover, so just have to take It easy. 3 months ago

ruthd3 4 months ago

WonderWriter 4 months ago

alysse14Another health update!

Still haven’t managed to budge any excess weight, but to be honest I’ve had a few distractions lately.

Saw a specialist today, and have been pencilled in for the 19th of December for an operation to remove an ovarian cyst… Had another ultrasound and found another on the other side, so will probably do both and be quite sore after :-(

Never mind, need to get these things sorted before they get worse!

Anyway! Once that is over and I’ve recovered we’ll be past the Xmas season and into the new year – time for those healthy New Years resolutions to kick in! I’ll be good, but I think being in Vanuatu in February will be a fantastic chance for me to lose some weight – I’ll be living on fish, rice and fruit, and walking 15km+ per day! 4 months ago

smamalou 5 months ago

Hayles89 5 months ago

alysse14Oh dear...

I decided to cancel my gym membership… I wasn’t using it so it was just a waste of money. So now the weather is getting better i will try to walk outside more.

All I really want to do is go birdwatching during my free time, which is good because a lot of the places I go you walk and walk for ages without really thinking about how far it is. And there are lots of up and down hill parts. And I enjoy it. So I keep going!

I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to healthy eating lately… I either forget its there or don’t feel like it when I’m at home, or I’m out or at work and there’s no where nearby to go and get fruit or something healthy, or it’s expensive! I need to make more of an effort to make sure I take things with me! Even though I struggle to lose weight even when I’m trying really hard, I think the most important things for me is to avoid getting any serious health problems, like the diabetes that is prevalent in my family.

Looking forward to my day off so I can go bushwalking and birdwatching. I’m going to a conservation park I’ve been to before but planning to walk a different trail I haven’t walked before. Can’t wait! 5 months ago

schmerika 6 months ago

Heather KinganGetting Healthy

I have started taking an multi-vitamin. I am also watching what i eat and how much i eat. I have actually started losing weight. 6 months ago

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