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make a list of all the things i want to do before i turn 30

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proudauzzie 1 month ago


Write a novel

Write a non fiction book

Buy my own house / land

Build my own piece of furniture

Sell an artwork that I have created

Teach(regularly) 1 month ago

proudauzzieUp the top

Up the top would have to be visiting Africa and India without a doubt. 1 month ago

baileys_truffleSplurge a ridiculous amount of money on something equally ridiculous

So I bought tickets for a concert a couple weeks ago… unfortunately I got caught up in the thrill of the purchase and spent an extortionate amount on a single ticket which I massively regret.

Tickets, werent really what I meant when I added this to the list, Im always really sensible when it comes to money and savings which is what inspired me to put it down in the first place but I was going more for… I dont know, a mummified unicorn or michael jackson’s glove or something really bizarre.

Ah well, I wont be buying anything unnecessary for a while now… unless someone wants to buy my ticket! ;) 6 months ago

baileys_truffleWatch a film under the stars

So a couple days ago they we’re screening Avengers Assemble in a local park… and I got to go!!

It was during the evening so the stars got to make an appearance, and although it was cold and I forgot to take food, it was definitely worth experiencing. Not sure I’d rush to do it again though… cinemas are just too cosy for that. :) 9 months ago

isthisfateMe to!

May have to pinch this one! I’m also 30 next year and wow….....I’m 30 next year! :/ 19 months ago

isthisfate 19 months ago

baileys_truffleRead a daunting classic: Anna Karenina

The release of the film really encouraged me to pursue this one a little bit more especially as it stars Keira Knightley.

Im so glad I did as it is a wonderful book i have trouble putting into words. Tolstoy is a master storyteller and painted every aspect of this novel you could possibly imagine. It was so complex and meticulous, showing love in all its glory and sorrow.

By the end I felt I had lived through society and had fallen in love with Anna herself… highly recommended. The film also! :) 19 months ago

baileys_truffleBake cakes for friends as gifts

So its my friends birthday in a couple days so I decided Id make her a few cupcakes, especially as she’d never tasted my baking before.

The idea was to do some really fancy ones, and I found loaddss of recipes but as I wasnt 100% sure of her favourite, I played it safe and made some vanilla and some triple chocolate.

Will definitely make this a habit, they went down a treat… I hope the rest of my friends love cakes! :) 21 months ago

baileys_truffleThe List

I realise I have a few years to go yet but thought it would be a really cool idea to accomplish some things before I get there. The list is in progress and Im not sure how many things to add (30?), but heres what Ive got so far:

  1. Bake cakes for friends as gifts
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. Host a dinner party
  4. Do something official to raise money for an animal charity
  5. Go camping/stay in a cabin complete with campfire and marshmallows
  6. Go to a spa/get a massage
  7. Stay up all night with someone special
  8. Get another piercing
  9. Go to a festival (recently done but not sure if it counts)
  10. Go abroad
  11. Try sushi
  12. Read a daunting classic (Don Quixote/Anna Karenina/Gone with the Wind/Bleak House/Les Miserables)
  13. Go to the theatre/ballet/opera
  14. Have a city break weekend
  15. Find my ideal job/start a business
  16. Pay off my uni loan
  17. Have a really good nights sleep
  18. Take more photos
  19. Go to a football match
  20. Watch a film under the stars
  21. Splurge a ridiculous amount of money on something equally ridiculous
  22. Flaunt it, while I’ve got it
  23. Fall in love and everything that comes with it…
  24. Feel happy and accomplished no matter what

Suggestions welcome. :) 21 months ago

baileys_truffle 21 months ago

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