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Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working

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ethereal_haze 9 hours ago

violace 1 month ago

proudauzzie 2 months ago


I should do some writing instead of being online. Why oh why does the internet have to be so addicting? 1 month ago

Quicksilwr 2 months ago

smartenupman 2 months ago

JackEveryman 2 months ago

manetheo 3 months ago


xxbunnytrax 11 months ago

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Mary Beth 8 years ago

MidnightTheWerecat 8 months ago

JayHell2013Sorted my bills

I’m keeping up with this as I have found that if I sit at the computer for too long, I get horrid motion sickness symptoms, dizziness and nausea. Also sitting slouched on the couch with the laptop on my knee (like I am right now) does NOTHING for my posture or my joints! 8 months ago


adoret 17 months ago

JayHell2013Cutting costs

I have had some problems with signing in to my broadband bill, but it’s actually made me wonder if it’s worth the bother any way. I don’t DO anything constructive on the net REALLY, apart from my Folksy shop. I am going to see if I can limit my usage to 1-2 hours a day, or perhaps 6 hours per week until the end of the month, starting tomorrow. We shall see how this goes. Plus I can always go to the library and look things up there. 9 months ago

Tomppaaja 4 years ago

KellyD26 10 months ago

airwick14 10 months ago

wangdoodle 4 years ago

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