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not be afraid of going places alone

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It will be alright. 4 years ago


amlygdone ..

i think so… for now
i go wherever i want, is logycal that i dont want to go to a bar or a party alone, in those places we go with friends, and the beauty salon..bleh i always want to go with someone i dont know but i always go alone so…other place?
mmm no problema 6 years ago

Tonya =)And again...

Saturday night i went back out to Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. This is getting a little bit easier every time!

I even got in free this time because my friend Quincy that I met the first night there was working the door! Bonus! 6 years ago

Tonya =)Going Solo

I did it again.

I drove out to a bar last night to see a few bands play and it was pretty fun.

One of the bands that played was one of the same bands that I saw last time I ventured out alone and have kept in contact with via Myspace… so I guess I wasn’t completely alone.

I’ve been trying to get a few of my friends interested in going to these things with me, but it seems that we always have conflicting schedules =/

So until I get someone to go with me, I guess I’ll continue to go alone… after all, there will always be more people to meet. :o) 6 years ago

Tonya =)Not too painful...

Last Friday I went to a bar in Long Beach with some friends to see some bands play. It was a great little bar that has live music every weekend.

So two days later when I wanted to go again and had noone to drag along, I just went alone…

...and it wasn’t so bad. It was actually really fun! I spent my last $10 to get in, and had absolutely no money to even get a drink, but I soon made friends with the bartender. the bouncer (that’s me and him in the picture) and a guy whose credit card I found out in the parking lot (who turned out to be in one of the bands).

I ended up meeting 4 or 5 people who I’ve kept in touch with through Myspace and am planning to go hang out with again.

When I was on my way to the bar alone, I had reservations and have to admit I also had those “nervous butterflies” in my stomach, but that all went away once I just relaxed and started talking to people.

I think the key is to go somewhere where you have something in common with the other people who are there… in this case, we’d all gone there for the live music. Whatever works, right? 6 years ago


this is a good goal, sometimes i dont go to places becuase i dont have someone to go, i want to change so bad thoughts i have when i have to do this 6 years ago

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