buy a bread recipe book and try each recipe

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AnnaFlaky Scones

These didn’t turn out as good as I’d hope, but I was also working with very inferior materials. I was using a pop bottle as a rolling pin, since I foolishly left mine at home, and I’m at a friend’s house.

But, they were a lot of fun to make, and my friend, who is a scone person (I am not) says they’re quite good. Yay! I’ll definately try making them again. 8 years ago

AnnaButter Dipped Buns

Today I made a dozen butter dipped buns. I will admit to finding the recipe a tad confusing – the initial part said it made 12, but during the recipe it said 24. Oh well. I did 12, they turned out well, and are being consumed with relish as I type this.

Must try them with honey next time. 9 years ago

AnnaCornbread Muffins

Made cornbread muffins today. They whip up quite fast, and everyone else seemed to like them. I found them a tad dry. Probably would have been better with butter. I made them with blueberries by request, I think next time I’ll try them without. 9 years ago

AnnaBlueberry Muffins

I tried the Blueberry muffin recipie today. Yum! It had lemon zest in it, and trying to zest the lemon was an adventure. Plus, I had to buy muffin tins. I thought I had them, but I guess not.

Oh soooooo good! I swear, it’s the lemon zest. The blueberries were an afterthought.

I think this leaves 148 more recipies to try! 9 years ago

AnnaBook bought

Well, it would be more correct to say a friend bought me the book.

I now have in my hot little hands The Bread Bible, which I have fallen madly in love with. It’s full of explicit details and lovely illustrations, and the final recipe in the book is chocolate filled croissants. Can’t go wrong with that.

Today I made the first loaf of Sandwich bread. It melted in my mouth with yummy goodness. 9 years ago

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