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Aloha50 7 years ago

Aloha50Feel like rambling.....

Why do people feel the need to write every thought on Facebook? Today I noticed that someone wrote “driving home from work now.” Well, ok… “I’m getting ready to sit on the toilet.” Should I post it? Reminds me of a line from the movie The Incredibles – “Society’s need to celebrate mediocrity.”

Anyway, my inner voice says that I’m on the right track in life (at the moment). I feel at peace. My son is happy and healthy, I have a job that I like, I live in an amazing place, and my cars are running! Woo Hoo! Last year my Civic was broken into 2x, needed a head gasket, water pump and timing belt, etc, etc. My Volvo was trying to kill me (shutting down when I turned corners and slowed down at a red light). It has since given me a reprieve and no longer shuts down. Woo Hoo!
My boyfriend woke me up in the middle of the night and hugged me and said “I can’t give you wealth or a big house, but you will never find someone who loves you more.” I think I’ll keep him.
Last week he was doing our laundry and said “you have two categories “filthy and filthy but wearable.” He knows me so well!
One day I was standing next to my son and I bent over and sniffed him and said “Miles! go take a shower, you smell like ass!” He said “what are you doing? I just farted!”
Ok, enough of my rambling…. 2 years ago

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