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travel around the country in a van for a year and blog the whole experience

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davidd30 December 2008

For now, I am giving up. I have too many financial responsibilities and not enough financial savvy to pay the bills while living on the road.

Besides, I haven’t been a consistent blogger lately. 5 years ago


Some years ago a friend of mine was planning to sell her 1963 VW bus. I seriously considered buying it from her, as I had long held a dream, albeit a nebulous dream, as dreams are wont to be, of traveling around the country in a modified bus or van.

Alas, I couldn’t scrape together the money in time; obviously, I wouldn’t have been able to afford a cross-country trip at the time, either. But while the dream was alive, I sketched out these potential colour schemes for the van. I had grand visions of a wildly retro (or “old skool”) flower-power paint job. It’s probably just as well the dream didn’t materialize—in a van painted like this, I can fully imagine an Easy Rider scenario, or worse (Deliverance), playing out as I followed those blue highways into the “family values” (read: inbred hillbilly right-wing redneck) areas of our great country.

No van. No cross-country rambling. Not yet, anyway. Maybe, though… someday. 7 years ago


Yeah, like I can even keep a travel journal for a week, let alone for a year! And my photos suck, too! Gotta work on that.

Still… this would be SO MUCH FUN!

Until the van breaks down and the money runs out. 7 years ago

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