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Become a certified Yoga instructor.

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Become a Yoga Instructor

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So I just finished the YOGAFIT Level 1 training..I’ve got to teach 8 classes worth of community service before i can officially get the certification. I mean, i’m already teaching yoga at my gym…but ok, I get the point of the “community service” classes. This ust pushed this goal of being complete by…..let’s be honest, probably 3 months. Aw well, if I want it, I want it! 2 months ago


So on Monday I needed to get away from all the “displacement” and choas of my life recently. I decided to take a road tri to Charlottesvile for the day. When i was there i planned to go to a Bikram Yoga class. It was a very interesting experience. I figured that since i’m going to be a Yoga instructor soon, I should at east try out hot yoga. It was interesting. Smelly, yes. Since it was a holiday it was retty crowded and the smel smoetimes was weird. It was very stretching orientated, so i had to hold back a lot becuase of my knee. Also, the heat was quite an aded obstacle. I wouldn’t say it ever got unbearable, but towards the end when we were on teh ground i just wanted to lay there most of the time instead of get up and do another move. Very cool experience. i would try it again. 2 months ago


Today I taught a great Yoga class. It felt like for the first time I knew what i was doing and I was teaching Yoga, not pilates. Reading the Yogafit book and basing my class off of L’s I think helped me. I’m getting closer and closer to my goal. Can’t wait for the certification in February! 3 months ago


So I’m finally writing this goal down even though I’m been working towards it for a while. I made the decision sometime this past fall to stop subbing Yoga classes with Pilates and to actually learn how to teach Yoga. I have a Yoga class on the schedule with my name on it at LA and I’ve signed up for the Yogafit cert for February. I’ve been really getting into Yoga lately, especially since my knee has limited my fitness options, so I think this is a good direction to go in. 3 months ago

Cherry87 3 months ago

Brittany Totland 4 months ago

OH2TXMy classes have officially started.

The journey has begun… and it has been exciting! 6 months ago

Lauren Barclay 6 months ago

Kel A 8 months ago

mammajamma 10 months ago

Boah337 11 months ago

knox107 11 months ago

OH2TXOctober 2013!

I will start the classes needed for this in October! I am very excited! This is something I have really wanted to do for quite some time. :) 12 months ago

OH2TX 13 months ago

TrailPeanut 17 months ago

BARBiiEFOLLE 19 months ago



Graduated from 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training on Friday, June 15, 2012!! The training was SUCH an amazing experience—four weeks of class that turned out to be so much more than I had anticipated. Life changing! 22 months ago

gaiagranolaranger 5 years ago

gaiagranolarangerAlmost to Kripalu

I haven’t written much about this goal, but I defintely have not forgotten it! As I write this, I am sitting in the Albany airport awaiting the shuttle to Kripalu! I’ll spend the next two weeks there, and then another two weeks this summer, working on the RYT200 certification. I AM SO EXCITED!! 2 years ago

gddyup2 2 years ago


Ellesse, certified yoga teacher… like the sound of that :3 Write more soon! 2 years ago

Ellesse 2 years ago

EllesseFinal Examinations - THIS WEEK

Getting down to the nitty gritty. Exams are Wed/Thursday; theory exam is Wednesday and Practical is Thursday. I certify in 6 days :)

Namaste! 2 years ago


dragonfly35 4 years ago

dragonfly35I graduate today!

In fact, I have one requirement outstanding, so I won’t have my certificate signed today, but I will mark this goal complete and create a new goal of registering with Yoga Alliance. Once my last requirement is done, I’ll be able to complete that new goal.

Thanks for all your support and cheers. This goal has been on my list since the very beginning. I think I’ve probably given it up a few times, and in the beginning it was just a dream, and now I’m marking it done. It’s my second most cheered goal of all time at present. Thank you to all the 43Ters who have helped and encouraged me visualize this goal and then to open the door and step into the reality of it. Namaste. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Emotional journey

and I’ve successfully come through most of it now. I’d like to write or blog more about it, but I’m finding it all difficult to put into words at the moment. Suffice it to say that in spite of some challenges, everything has gone beautifully and I feel ready to be a teacher now.

We have a few more classes to take tomorrow and then our graduation. I will still need to complete one class assist (on June 12th) to officially meet the program requirements and register with Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher, but I am basically there. My heart is very full tonight. 2 years ago

dragonfly35It's all done except

  • My anatomy exam – tomorrow
  • My final class – Saturday
  • Taking and reviewing my peers’ classes – tomorrow through Sunday
  • Graduation – Sunday
  • My last class assist – June 12 2 years ago

dragonfly35Oh, so very very close!

  • 21/24 training workshops 1 weekend to go
  • 9/10 meditation hours 1 class to go
  • 12/13 studio classes (observation) 1 class to go
  • 14/15 studio classes (participation) 1 class to go
  • 1/2 class assists 1 assist to go
  • 8/8 mentorship hours done!2 years ago

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